Some of my Best Friends…

…Are women, or as I prefer to think of them, Ovarian-Americans (R).  In fact my own mother, my wife, even my daughter, all of them, Ovarian-Americans (R), every last one!

Mind you, I’m not genderist, I also have many Testicular-American (R) friends, which I believe allows me to rightfully claim to be gonad-neutral (R) as far as that’s concerned.

With that in mind, let us consider the following artwork from cartoonist Jen Sorensen


Thanks a whole bunch to Ms. Sorensen, herself an Ovarian-American (R), for this artful creation. Meanwhile, here’s a quick recent submission from another of our more frequent guest artists, Matt Lubchansky


And to all of you who make the time to visit this humble blog, both Ovarian-Americans (R) and Testicular-Americans (R) alike, black, white, grey, police, civilian, not to mention the assorted other Ovarian and Testicular citizens from around the world who stop by, my heartfelt appreciation!

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RSDS: Red Robot Lets You Know

Hey there, everybody! Time for another visit with our friends from Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties” and la parisienne herself, KOTOPOPI!

First up, the Red Robot has returned to reassure us of just where he stands… Alone.


Well, that was refreshing, wasn’t it? Shall we get a bite to eat? I hear they have some really great restaurants in France…



Just a reminder, if you enjoy what you see here, you can find an extensive library of Rick Stevens‘ work at http://www.dieselsweeties.com.

Arianna Stefanini‘s art is on display at http://www.kotopopi.com.

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J Rosenberg: Consider the Alts

A constant refrain heard across the land, apart from the lament over the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie divorce, is that the two major Presidential candidates are disliked at record levels.

People who plan to support the Republican candidate are frequently saying they do so because they can’t support the Democrat and vice-versa.

So Jon Rosenberg today looks a little more closely at this phenomenon vis-a-vis the GOP contender:


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KOTOPOPI – Sharing is Caring!

Hi, Everybody!  Our favorite cartoonist in Paris, KOTOPOPI, is back with the latest from her ongoing #Millennials series…

Today she explains how the so-called “Sharing Economy” works when you don’t manage to set any boundaries:


I do hope you enjoy her work!  If you do, I know she’ll welcome you to her own blog at http://www.kotopopi.com!

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TMW: Dada Politics!

Okay, Gang!  It’s the first day of autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere and (I presume) the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere!

And as we celebrate these important equinoxes, here’s the very latest from Tom Tomorrow!


If for some reason you do not believe that this is the strangest Presidential Campaign in American History, just ask yourself this:

When was the last time you read a reference to Schrodinger’s Cat in any sort of political cartoon?

And yes I know the name Schrodinger is supposed to have an umlaut (that’s two little dots) over the ‘o, but I’m such a simple citizen I don’t know how to generate that particular character from my humble “QWERTY”-type keyboard. Pity me.

The good news is: we have just 6 more weeks to go in this campaign.  Or is that the bad news?  Please God, I just want it to end and nobody dies.  Let us pray.

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Can we all just go home now? You drive.


To AND From Russia with Love!

Our stalwart correspondent, Tom Tomorrow, suggests one way in which Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy may be blurred.  Please welcome him back to this blog with his latest work…

By the way, if anybody out there can translate that last little speech balloon from the Russian language into English, please let me know.  I suspect he is NOT complimenting Don on his tan!

Okay kids, that’s a wrap!

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RSDS: Demand Less!

As we set out upon a new week, I never cease to be impressed at how easy it is for some folks to call attention to themselves.  Not that I’m thinking of anyone specific, mind you, I’m just sayin’…

Our faithful pixellated pundit Rick Stevens apparently is similarly impressed:r-stevens-diesel-sweeties-dont-demand-attention

Now let’s see what happens when we bring Red Robot out from the wings to center stage:


This much is clear, Rick Stevens obviously considers his female characters to be brighter than his males and the Red Robot to be on an equal footing with the ladies! Quite the metaphor for these challenging times…

As always my thanks go out to Mr. Stevens who creates these episodes of “Diesel Sweeties“.

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Hands Holding Model of a Brain

Can We All Go Home Now?

There are moments when I wish there was some reasonable limit to the absurdity of modern life.

Anyone who has ever read this blog more than twice already has a pretty clear idea what I think of contemporary domestic politics in the United States.

If you’re not sure, you simply haven’t been paying attention (and I hope that strategy actually works out for you in the end…)

Sofia the First
Someone Who Simply Hasn’t Been Paying Attention And It’s Actually Working Out for Them in The End

I’ve always liked the idea first advanced by the late Science Fiction Grand Master Arthur C. Clarke, namely, that anyone who deliberately seeks the Presidency should therefore be automatically disqualified from holding the post.

Clarke suggested – and I heartily endorse the idea – that the President should be chosen by lottery.

Arthur C Clark Headshot
Arthur C. Clarke, Originator of the Concept of the Presidential Lottery

The only way to avoid serving would be to prove a history of mental/emotional/psychological instability (so a lot of the same people would be doubly disqualified…) Same thing for the legislature and the judiciary branches, selection by lottery.

People always raise the same objection, “But what if somebody is just a really cunning sociopath and they get in anyway?” And then they sit back and fold their arms and look around all smug as if that hasn’t already happened anyway.

Former Secretary of Defense AND Former Vice-President Dick Cheney.

The answer, of course, is the Civil Service. THEY aren’t chosen by lottery, so all kinds of Guardians of the Incompetency will dampen the effect of the really cunning sociopaths.

By the way, do you think it’s true that if you invent the perfect social media platform the world will beat a sociopath to your door?

The Audience Is Watching
“He’s looking at me…”

What if it’s a tie?

And consider: no self-respecting sociopath will shy away from cheating to get there first.

Maybe it’s just better you should keep the door locked and install a video surveillance system instead so you can check.

You know what? I think I’m done.

Can we all go home now?

m mouse escorts pl travers into theatre
“Come along, darling, I’ve already called the valet and the man should be coming around with our car any minute now…  You just put all this unpleasantness right out of your mind…”



Election Game ’16!

If you’re as old as I am, you may remember when almost 50% of all daytime television was comprised of game shows.  Shows with titles like “Truth or Consequences” or “Match Game ’76″…

Matt Lubchansky takes this idea one step further with his own version…

Laws may vary from place to place but, depending upon where you live, it may not yet be too late for you to register to VOTE!

And please make it a point to save the date (Tuesday, November 8, 2016) and, when that day comes, please cast your vote for the candidate of your choice!

Whatever the outcome may be, you’ll be glad you did!

Meanwhile, please acknowledge the generosity of Matt Lubchansky for his contribution above and please know your visit here is always appreciated!

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RSDS -Red Robot Rules!

In the world of Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties“, the Red Robot seems to be a character set apart.  

Unlike the Gray Robot, who keeps a cat and actually cares what the others think of him, the Red Robot doesn’t care very much for the society of others and he isn’t afraid to let them know it.  

Plain-spoken and blunt, he originates some of the most bizarre ideas in their little society.  To wit:




I’m pleased to acknowledge the generosity of cartoonist Rick Stevens, not to mention the folks like you who make it a part of their day to visit this blog.

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