RSDS: Med School’s a Mess!

Well gosh, while we wait for analysis of the 3rd Presidential Debate, and try to ignore the overtones of random chance that accompany ANYTHING that happens in Las Vegas, let’s look at the latest from our favorite pixellated pundit, Rick Stevens


Okay, that may have been strange and even more than a little surreal, but it pales beside the antics in Nevada, am I right? So let’s show the world we, the American electorate, don’t gamble with our common future!

Whatever party or candidate you may favor, PLEASE make it a point to cast your ballot on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 and represent the muscle of the United States’ body politic!

You (and everybody everywhere else on the planet) will be glad you did!

Thank you!



TMW: Word Salad BOGO!

Just 3 more weeks!…

If we can all just hang on for 3moreweeks!…

Just imagine what this must be like for our stalwart cartoonist Tom Tomorrow!

The man must have ice water running through his veins…


Incredibly, it seems I missed one of last week’s cartoons…

(and it even has a shout-out to one of my favorite topics: Superman!)

So to make up for that — however belatedly — here it is:


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Until we meet again, please take good care of yourself!



RSDS: No Dress-Up at Work!

Okay, we’re just going to eeeeeease our way back into the subject of politics this week!…


Let us thank Rick Stevens, who appears to have made a personal appearance in this latest comic (he would be the guy without the cowl…)

Rick Stevens book jacket photo

And thanks for your visit! More coming tomorrow!

Meanwhile, please be safe!


RSDS: Delete That Noise!

Welcome back, gentle visitor!

There will be plenty of political fodder for this blog over the next 3 weeks, so let’s take an all-too-rare break from the U-S Presidential Election, shall we?

I rather thought you would agree…


Have I gotten around to acknowledging Rick Stevens, the creator of these “Diesel Sweeties” comics yet? I didn’t think so.

Well, don’t worry, I’ll get around to doing it soon enough!…


One of the warning signs of Presidential Election Campaign Fatigue Syndrome (sometimes clinically referred to as “PECFS“), is a tendency to start seeing analogies to the current campaign where they don’t even exist.

I mean, is it just me, or does all this parsing of words above strike you as somehow parallel to the kind of rhetoric we’ve been seeing and hearing everywhere we turn?

I should probably discuss this with my therapist…

Anybody know where I can find a good, cheap therapist who accepts patients on Medicaid?

Now that’s what I call depressing!

Thank you, Rick Stevens!

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Oh! And…

Please don’t forget to stock up on your tranquilizers and associated psychotropic medications and beat the rush leading up to the third and final candidates’ debate in barely more than 2 days’ time!

And may the LORD have mercy on us all!



Back to the Future Futility

By the time November 8th arrives, the U-S Electorate may have a serious case of tranquilizer dependent depressive anxiety. And if you think there’s no such thing, that just means it’s not November 8th, 2016 … yet

Let’s kick off today’s proceedings with a contribution from Matt Lubchansky!

And now, let’s take a look at some of the latest thought from Rick Stevens and the ever-cynical Crimson Automaton!


As always my thanks go out to some immensely talented artists!

And more thanks for all the wonderful folks ALL AROUND THE WORLD monogram-for-the-coffinwho are making it a regular part of their day to come visit this humble blog! Please return for more new material very soon!

Peace out!



KOTOPOPI: When Trolls Post…

Okay! Yesterday I managed to post something with virtually no political overtones whatsoever!

You know, it’s not so easy to find something like that on the ol’ World Wide Web anymore!

Speaking of which, how do you cope when some unpleasant online character decides to throw some shade at you?

Let’s consult our continental cartoonist, KOTOPOPI, who should have some idea.

She lives in France you know, the acknowledged worldwide leader among nations when it comes to diplomacy…


Lesson duly noted!

Thanks to KOTOPOPI for granting permission to re-post her work.

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And God Bless Us … Everyone!




RSDS: Hally Happoween!

Okay, you just KNOW that with all the weirdness in Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties” universe, All Hallows Eve can NEVER be just another day on the calendar…



Let’s be sure to treat Rick Stevens like the creative artist he truly is!

I thank both you and he for contributing to the growing popularity of this humble blog.

Me? Mostly I just hang out and curate; since it’s fun for me, I don’t really view it as “work”, which means it HAS to be a labor of love!

Ciao for Niao!



RSDS: Not Enough

I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m gonna guess that if you live in the United States, you spent Sunday night either watching or listening to the Second Presidential Debate. Or else Sunday Night NFL Football. Either way, come Monday morning, you probably felt like this (if only inwardly…):


Now that we have less than a month to go before the U-S General Election, it may be too late in many places to register to vote for the November 8th Election Day this year, but it’s not too late to register now for next year!

There’s a handy little widget at the bottom of this page that will help you get in touch with the local election commission in your area!

And if you’re already registered, it’ll help you locate the local polling place in your neighborhood!

Please don’t hesitate to consult it! The service is FREE!

As always, thanks for your visit and please feel welcome to share, comment, re-post or like this post if the spirit moves you!  Thanks also to Rick Stevens!

I hope to see you again real soon!



RSDS: On Cats, Companions and Nurturing!

Any alien lifeforms observing the contemporary Internet could be excused for thinking that felines run the planet through the humans who serve them.

Apparently this thought has occurred to our friend, Rick Stevens, as well.

Needless to say (although I’m saying it anyway,) his take on this subject is somewhat altered…


Of course, the observations don’t end there…


As we head into the week and the scary prospect of one remaining Presidential debate, please know that your visit is appreciated!

Thanks also to Rick Stevens, whose “Diesel Sweeties” comic strip is highly unique and spot on when it comes to people, cats, robots and contemporary social phenomena.

I know he welcomes visitors at his own website, http://www.dieselsweeties.com , where T-shirts, pins and stickers are also available.

A reminder that if you need any basic information about registering and/or voting anywhere in the United States, the new little widget at the bottom right corner of this page will provide helpful information.

The U-S General Election is now less than ONE MONTH AWAY! Don’t miss the chance to make an historic contribution to America’s future and VOTE!

Thanks a bunch for visiting and please come back again real soon!