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Tom Tomorrow Weighs Back In!

Well, gee willikers, boys and girls!  It seems like almost forever since we last saw anything of Tom Tomorrow on this blog!

Or at least a month, anyway!..

In any event, we’re overdue to catch up with him, so let’s take a look, shall we?


Here’s an interesting piece of trivia: did you know that among the world’s various democracies, the U-S has the lowest rate of voter turnout of all?

That’s pretty ironic when you consider that the U-S was the first major democratic republic since the days of ancient Greece or the Roman Republic more than 20 centuries ago.

So here’s the deal:

  • Are YOU registered to vote?

  • Do you know how to get to your local polling place?

  • Do you care about what happens to the leading advocates of Freedom and Liberty less than 100 days from now?


  • If you’re not registered to vote, please register!

  • If you’re registered to vote, please be sure to save the date (Tuesday, November 8, 2016)!

  • And PLEASE make it a personal PRIORITY to cast your ballot on Election Day!

  • Also please remember, there’s more than just the White House in play this season; there’s a significant number of U-S Senators and ALL seats in the U-S House of Representatives up for grabs as well!

This is TRULY IMPORTANT and no matter what you may hear from any candidate to the contrary, your vote counts and your vote will be counted fairly.

So, PLEASE take advantage of this all-too-rare priviledge in this world of ours and VOTE!

(Man, this soapbox stuff sure gets to be exhausting, sometimes!  But then I remember what David Letterman used to say with his most earnest gaze into the camera, “We’re tired, but it’s a good kind of tired!”)

Thanks for visiting and please return soon!

I gotta sit down…

R Stevens scott-adams-master-debater-5-c9266f


So, how are things?

Cartoonist Rick Stevens poses this most commonplace of questions in his “Diesel Sweeties” comic strip…

R Stevens How Are Things

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Pie Is Nature

Thanks to cartoonist and “Diesel Sweeties” creator Rick Stevens, whose work is quickly becoming one of the more popular offerings on this humble blog.  And thanks to you, the visitor, who comes to see what’s new.  

Please remember, in most of the United States, there’s still time to get registered to vote in the November General Election.  

But time is dwindling fast, so please don’t delay!  

Thank you – to all, for all. See you next time!

“Diesel Sweeties”: Culture & Politics!

It has taken longer than you might have expected, but Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties” have finally gotten around to making some comment about the 2016 Presidential Campaign by way of the movie “Suicide Squad”!

Trust me, it will all become clear in a moment:





As always, thanks to Rick Stevens for his gracious permission to repost his work and thanks to you, gentle visitor, for coming to look at it!

Please remember, in most places it’s still not too late to register to vote!

And if you’re already a registered voter, please make it a point to cast your ballot on November 8th!

Thank you!  See you again soon!


Comments & Hats

Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties” would like to make a comment:


Of course, I resist the impulse to censor comments as much as possible. Still, there are times when I too can be challenged to keep my cool:


As always, thanks for taking a look around! Please continue to visit as opportunity permits!

And remember: your comments are always welcome here! (Just keep them courteous and respectful, okay?)


The Latest from “DS”

As in “Diesel Sweeties“, Rick Stevens‘ digital web comic which is swiftly coming to be a regular feature on this humble blog…


Okay, that’s one point settled anyway…


I’m so pleased to have his permission to spread the exposure to his talented point of view!

BTW, I have been known to advise some of my youngest friends, “Try not to age if you can ever possibly help it.”

I’m not promoting any kind of suicidal act, I’m just explaining to them that, as we trundle down the timeline, time WILL take its toll. You can keep trim and fit, which is all to the good, watch your diet, keep hydrated and on and on and on, but inevitably the aging process wins out in the end.

So get used to the idea, kids!… Because this is what WILL happen even if you take the most obsessive care of yourself.

Love ya! Please come back soon! Bye for now…


          “Mr. Putin played upon Mr. Trump’s vulnerabilities by complimenting him. He responded just as Mr. Putin calculated…

          In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”

    — Michael Morell, former CIA Director (1958 —     )

Pen and inkwell

Kotopopi Tackles Cancer!

Please rest assured: she is fine; but she does have something to say about all that free dietary advice with which the Internet is awash…

Kotopopi - Medical Studies

Please keep coming back to see what’s new! Each and every visit is appreciated!

Hands Holding Model of a Brain

I’m Just Sayin’…

Dear Republican Presidential Candidate Don:

Please know that I speak these words with your own best interests at heart, just like you do.

I realize you think cozying up to the Russian President is a good idea, especially since you’re already telling people to expect the November General Election to be rigged.

Just remember this: When somebody disappoints or disagrees with you, they just get dragged into court.

But when somebody disappoints or disagrees with him, they get dragged into a waiting black car and they don’t come back.

So go easy with the thinly-veiled threats of political violence or assasination, please.

Crazy comes in a wide variety of flavors beyond your own, y’know.

I’m just sayin’ …

Rick Stevens book jacket photo

Reward for Health

Cartoonist Rick Stevens (pictured above) asks, “When is it NOT a good idea to live healthy?”

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties To Your Health

And sometimes it’s better NOT to meet someone you’ve idolized for too long…

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Never Meet Your Heroes

And now this short Public Service Announcement on behalf of Political Sanity:

Have you registered to vote? Do you know where your polling place is located?

There’s still time to do the legwork, so get to it!

Thanks for visiting this humble blog!

Bill O'Reilly on Fox News

White House History, Revisited

One of our more regular contributors is Matt Bors.

In this outing, the onetime Pittsburgher looks through a glass darkly at how Fox News – and one commentator in particular – chooses to view a small slice of American History…

Matt Bors the-case-for-refutations-1-f7e29b

Matt Bors the-case-for-refutations-2-be5403

Matt Bors the-case-for-refutations-3-102027

Matt Bors the-case-for-refutations-4-c7f048

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