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Just in Time: Trump in Therapy

Hello, my fellow sentient creatures!

Not so many months ago, I noted on this blog that we had traded pre-election anxiety for post-election anxiety.

And what do many people do when they’re feeling anxious? That’s right!..





The above exhibit of inspired cartooning comes courtesy of

Please remember that America is bigger than any one man, or any cadre.

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RSDS: Back to the Present

Hello! There’s nothing so challenging as maintaining a sense of normality in the face of great anxiety and uncertainty.

As America prepares to follow Alice down the rabbit hole, let us contemplate something – anything – other than that.

That’s your cue, Jen Sorensen!…

So we drone along into the next great advance of technology… Or is it spirituality?  Or is it something else altogether?  As is usually the case, we turn to Rick Stevens’ gang at “Diesel Sweeties” to sort it out for us…


Another of Rick Stevens’ spawn, the Red Robot, proves to be a most sanguine philosopher…


Well, tomorrow’s the day the American Experiment sets out on a completely new course into uncharted waters…or not.

Let us pray that the LORD will see fit to keep a hedge of protection around this nation and rebuke the devourer.


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God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

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Is Donald Trump Mentally Stable?

If you have concerns in this area, I highly recommend you follow the link below!

Rational Opinions Blog

If you have watched Trump’s actions and reactions during his campaign and after, you probably understand why so many observers think something is mentally wrong with him. Apparently, many psychologists agree. Enough so that three psychologists wrote the President and Vice President a letter expressing their grave concern regarding the mental stability of President-Elect Donald Trump. They believe Trump to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

According to the APA (American Psychiatric Association), there are 9 criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If an individual has 5 out of the 9 they have a confirmed diagnosis of this illness. Many individuals have “traits” of narcissism but only about 1% of the population has clinical NPD.

Traits of NPD:

1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal…

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RSDS: About That…

Wow, it has certainly been a week.

Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback and support. Sometimes this writing thing begins to make a little sense.  I’m happy about just being able to function on any level.  I have my wife and daughter to thank for that, not to mention my more extended family.

But, hey! Enough about me, let’s turn our attention to Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”!


And now, let us return to those thrilling days of Tom Tomorrow’s ” This Modern World “!…

Am I the only one who actually finds this scenario comforting, compared to real life?

Many thanks to the artists who create this material. Please visit their websites and support them with your generosity if you can!

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Glowing Branding Irons

Trumpic of Cancer

I’m playing around with the idea of inventing a new word.

It’s meant to be inspired by the new American President.

Here it is:


Please note that it is an adjective, it is entirely my own invention and it is a registered trademark.

Here’s the noun:


Say, did I mention that all varieties of MY new word are also copyrighted (©)?  Well, I sure have now!

What do you think I am, trumpid?

And what is the adverb, boys and girls? That’s right, everybody!:


So Jay, (you may ask me) what is the defining characteristic of a trumpid™©® person? Why, my young padawan, (I may reply to you) it is nothing other than thinking in such a way that you get invited to a golden building in a golden city and then to a whitened building in a whitened city!

And if I’m feeling especially whimsical I may even add, “Silly padawan, trumps™©® are for kids!”

Unfortunately for all the kids in the world, the vast majority of trumpid™©® people are old enough to vote.

Of course, the young people, one of whom I used to be, will quickly fall into their own youthful slang.  I’m rooting for the varietal epithet…


After all, a writer can surely dream, even at the risk of appearing to be… Well, you know…

Geese Flying to Sunset

For My Mom

On January 8, 2017…

I just want to say that I have always loved you, even when I didn’t know how to say so.  Even when I didn’t know why to say so; even when I didn’t know when to say so; even when I didn’t know whether to say so.

There were so many times when I should have reached out across the gulf of time and space, of inches and yards and miles and weeks and months and years.  There were places I could have been, persons I could have been, things I could have been.

And yet I loved you, even as you loved me and neither of us could say the words that we found too dear to speak aloud.

And you have done so much and you have done so well.  You have forgiven so much and without regard to what might been. You have done so very well indeed.

Please rest in the LORD; you have rightfully earned your place.

I love you.


Your Humble Blogger

RSDS: Read & Rule!

It’s time for another visit from Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties“!

(BTW, this post is dedicated to my beautiful wife, Jamie, whose birthday is today!  🎂🎁)

As many fear the incoming acceptance of fake news and genuine ignorance of many basic truths, these characters remind us some realities remain immutable…


It’s also refreshing to see someone endorse bound printed media…




 If you like the artwork and – like me – you appreciate a good read that fits conveniently on a bookshelf or nightstand, please visit …

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my Beautiful Wife! 🙌👊👏🎆)




Newer Is Better!

Hello,everybody! It’s great to see everyone so bright eyed and ready to tackle the New Year!

And what better way to kick off 2017 (Version 1.0) than by revisiting the gang at “My Cage” by Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus…


I’m still typing with one finger on the Amazon Fire, and for whatever reason I’m unable to adjust the color of the fonts, so I cannot highlight titles and names the way I’d like. But to give credit where it’s due, please enjoy this recent edition of Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”!…


Okay, before we all get TOO paranoid…


Yes, I suppose that WAS dated… Unless of course we’re talking about something like Chinese New Year! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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An Experiment in Posting

Okay, let’s try this again.

Writing and publishing a blog post from a tablet computer is obviously an acquired skill.

My efforts yesterday didn’t accomplish much unless elevated blood pressure and exceptional profanity are somebody’s idea of a desirable outcome.

However, today’s effort appears to be going better.  So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at one of Rick Stevens’ more recent “Diesel Sweeties” outings…




As always, my thanks to Rick Stevens, who is so gracious as to allow the re-posting of his art on this blog…

What follows is the “copy and paste” version:


This post has been composed using a word processing application installed on my tablet computer. I’m still typing with just one finger, but I am getting faster at it.

What I want to do here is to see if a formatted document like this can be copied and pasted to the blog.

Earlier today I attempted to compose in the blog suite itself and without a conventional keyboard. The results left something to be desired.

And the experiment continues…


High Maintenance

Well hello there boys and girls! I hope you’re all doing well! My family and I are fine.

My holiday present from my wife & daughter this year was an Amazon Fire tablet computer. It’s a cunning little device and I’m teaching myself to type with one finger.  I’d show you which finger, but this is not that kind of blog..

In any event event, I hope to start posting a little more frequently as I get used to this new infernal device.. I mean, this 21st century technological marvel…



Okay, I’ll grant you, THAT’s a little dated…

Here’s one I wish I could have shared a week ago, courtesy of our friend in la belle France, Kotopopi…



You would not believe what an effort it’s been just to generate this post!

Nothing less than Herculean…

This is going to take some getting used to… not to mention a lot of medicinal help!

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Your patience and support are appreciated!  See you soon!