Tom Tomorrow: Tell Me When It’s Over!

As everybody knows, when you speak in a loud voice, you’re shouting…

And when you type in all caps, you’re shouting…

Our stalwart correspondent, Tom Tomorrow has spent the past two weeks on the floor at two different (?) political conventions, so how can you tell when he’s shouting?

When the panels he draws get really, really BIG!

Please enjoy them responsibly!





Please accept my thanks for your visit to this humble blog and – whatever your politics may be – please return soon!

R Stevens Ask an Introvert

The “Diesel Sweeties” Consider Telepathy, Time Travel and … Coffee

Well gosh, the last two weeks sure have been stimulating, eh boys and girls?

Between Cleveland and Philadelphia, between Malania and Michelle, between plagiarism and lying over college graduation records, it’s been quite the fortnight!

Let’s take a little break from all that, if only for a moment, shall we?

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Never Ask an Intorvert

R Stevens Time Machine Coffee Machine

Please remember that there’s an entire universe that exists outside the sphere of domestic politics and that sometimes it’s a good thing to take a little break, catch your breath and gain some perspective.

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DNC Bingo!

Last week, on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, the writers came up with a Republican Convention bingo card to make watching the coronation of the Donald more interesting for viewers.

Not to be outdone, this week Brian McFadden in The Nib offers up a Democratic Party version!

Brian McFadden DNC Bingo card

Please remember that in most states any form of gambling is prohibited, so please never forget that this is supposed to be a game of skill, not a game of luck…

Good luck!

Pen and inkwell

“Diesel Sweeties”on Greed and Caffeine!

At our house we’re all holding our breath as we begin a new week and a new political convention…

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Why No Friends

And if you need stimulation in order to watch the Democrats…

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Who Needs Coffee

Okay everybody, that’s a wrap! Please know your visit is always appreciated and there should be at least one new post before this week is out, so don’t forget to come back soon!

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties How Healthy Do You Want to Be

Another Episode of “Diesel Sweeties” by Rick Stevens

Let’s see what cartoonist Rick Stevens has to say on the subject of good health, shall we?…

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Gonna Eat Healthy

And on the subject of a well-rounded diet…

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Story of My Life

Someday I hope to interview Rick Stevens and ask him how he finds the inspiration for these little vignettes. In the meantime, I’m just grateful he allows me permission to post his work here!

By way of trivial interest, I have found an actual photograph of Rick Stevens (he himself is NOT pixellated) and will include it in a future “Diesel Sweeties” post.

I also am grateful for your visit to my humble blog, as it would be pointless to post anything if nobody ever came here to look at it. Please come back again soon! Thank you.


How to Ride the Trumpcycle

Just in case you were wondering how this eccentric mode of transportation works, Tom Tomorrow has the answer…


Please remember, what happens in Cleveland CAN stay in Cleveland, if we all agree to make up our minds to KEEP IT THERE…

We choose how to act and how to express ourselves.

Please take a minute or three to CHOOSE WISELY…

And remember, your visit to this blog is always appreciated; please come back again soon!

elephant in disguise

Election Year Life Hack

Q: Jay, how can I tell if a candidate for the U-S House or Senate is a Republican?

A: Easy! They don’t mention they’re Republican to avoid any association with Donald Trump.

They may or may not speak disparagingly of Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama, so you can’t rely on that old chestnut anymore.

But the true litmus test is that they gloss over their party affiliation altogether.

Democrats self-identify as such; Republicans just don’t self-identify at all, unless they’re running for President.

That’s how you can spot them as Republicans.

You’re welcome.


If you hear the words “Benghazi,” “Obamacare,” “Wall Street,” “Vince Foster,” “Private Server” or “Whitewater,” you may safely assume the candidate in question is a Rebuplican.

Ironically, if you hear the words, “Abraham Lincoln,” assume nothing.

EVERYBODY is claiming HIM this year!

in_disguise_____painted_pachyderms look like pandas


R Stevens Want to be a Robot

Rick Stevens and “Diesel Sweeties”

And now we must add Nice to the ever-growing list of places scarred by the horror of what can only be described as mindless terrorism.

I cannot continue to post reflections on such apparent inhumanity lest it become the apparent norm of our existence.

What better time for another look at life through the eyes of our pixelated pundit, Rick Stevens, and his unique little group of Millennials…

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Nipples the Bear 1

Of course one’s options need not be reduced to bears alone…

R Stevens Run for VP

As always, my thanks go out to Rick Stevens for granting permission to use his inspired work. And my thanks to you for visiting this blog.

No matter how dark things may appear, never forget that God is Love.

And as a very famous man, who also lost his life through mindless violence, once observed, “All You Need is Love.”


Pen and inkwell

Love Me, Love My Podcast…

Hello! I hope your American Independence Day Holiday was enjoyable.

If you’re visiting from France, please accept felicitations for a happy upcoming Bastille Day, and if you’re my Mom, Happy Birthday in just a few days!

It is with the greatest pleasure that I once again post a Rick Stevens “Diesel Sweeties” cartoon:

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties podcast

Having spent some 20 years in Radio, I can relate to the needy little hipster who hungers to confirm that SOMEBODY is listening to his stuff.

My earliest professional experience was on small, low-power daytime AM Radio Stations, whose audiences were limited to those living within a 15-mile radius of the transmitter.

You could describe their formats as “niche programming”, but a more candid adjective would have been “desperate”.  In the business, such stations are broadly described as “a dollar a holler”, which is meant to be a disparaging description of their advertising rates.

I happen to be personally acquainted with more than a few people who podcast.  It’s very similar, but it’s not the same.

I wish them all the best.

Thanks for visiting my humble blog!

Please come back again soon!


Questioning Reality

Greetings and welcome, gentle reader!

Our friendly commentator, Tom Tomorrow, is beginning to show the signs of stress, as aren’t we all?…


If you’ve been reading some of my earlier posts over the past weekend, then you know Tom T is hardly alone is his thinking.

Please try to take comfort (as I do) that on any given day, countless millions of people do experience joy, love, satisfaction and genuine happiness in their lives.

We just don’t hear about it because, for whatever reason, it’s just not considered newsworthy.

Another of Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties” cartoons will be posted shortly.

And, as always, please know that your visit is appreciated. See you soon!