The Ugliest Wedding Dresses of All Time

The Ugliest Wedding Dresses of All Time

Saw it, couldn’t believe it, had to share it.

Ugly wedding dresses

My wife and I operate a simple event planning business and she specializes in weddings.

It is June right now in North America (what month is it where YOU are?), which means The Wedding Season is very much upon us.

Our own wedding took place in July (8th Anniversary coming up, thank you very much…) and we handled it all ourselves and had more than 250 guests and brought the whole production off for right around 3800 USD.  I’m not saying it was ridiculously easy, but it was memorable.

I know I’ll never forget it!

Long story short, we all know that occasionally the bride gets a little carried away.

She’s stressed out, or she’s worried.

Or she’s out of her tiny little mind.

BTW, Grooms are not immune to this phenomenon, themselves.

So please enjoy the associated slideshow and remember…

There, but for the grace of God, might go you or I.


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