What is electric car battery swap tech, and why is it important?

Every now and then it’s a good thing for me to stop editorializing and explore a subject of some currency and personal interest to me (and hopefully, you.) I hope you’ll enjoy what these fine folks at GigaOM have to say…

And as for me, gentle reader, I’ll be back on the soapbox soon enough!

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Better Place went bankrupt trying to build out the idea; Tesla just unveiled the technology to a live audience. We’re talking about a battery swapping system for an electric car, which isn’t all that technically complicated, but which is a newish concept in the automotive industry.

What is it?

Quite simply, a battery swapping station is a place that an electric car can drive over and an automatic (or possibly even manual) system can open up the bottom of the electric car, remove the depleted battery, and insert a newly fully charged battery in its place. Picture it as robot mechanics giving an electric car a fresh battery.

PHOTOS: Better Place's Battery Swap StationSome electric car makers and tech companies want this option because it is the only super-fast way that an electric car can be charged and thus compete with gasoline cars. To implement this technology the car itself has to be designed to…

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