Four Job Qualifications You Don’t REALLY Need

Four Job Qualifications You Don’t REALLY  Need

Looking for work is spiritually and emotionally challenging on a number of levels, and there is no end to the number of articles and blog posts that have been generated on the subject.

What Should I Do

One of the more insidious aspects of the whole thing is the incredible amount of conflicting advice one finds on virtually every aspect of the process.
Yesterday’s wisdom quickly becomes today’s folly and vice-versa.

oracle 8 ball

So, with that firmly in mind, the link above will take you to a blog post at, written roughly 14 months prior to today’s date.
I like the logic of the writer, Melissa Kennedy, who takes a common sense approach to the claims that have become part of the Job Search techno-babble.

Executive Decision Maker

Ironically, the article itself is quite brief.  The number of comments that follow it are less so and eclipse the length of the article that spawned them by several orders of magnitude.  In many ways, the comments are more revealing and informative than the original piece.

keep calm and make up your mind blue

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