Paid to Quit and That’s No ****

How Riot Games Cuts Its Losses

Before They Hit

self-help graphic
My first thought was, “Are these people CRAZY?”
My second thought was “Crazy like a FOX!”
Please click on the link, read on, and marvel!..

Editorial Disclosure: The content to which this link takes you is that of PSFK Labs, in New York City.  They are what you might call a boutique Communications / Public Relations / Media Relations Agency.  You can tell because, if all you see is the web site, you are almost-but-not-quite-certain what it is they do for a living.  Their copy is drenched in the kind of nebulous non-specific corporate double-talk that passes for effective writing these days.  Mind you, they are clearly very talented people.  Over-achievers all, I have no doubt.  They’re probably very expensive… and I imagine they’re worth it.  They just don’t seem to be very enthusiastic when it comes to plain speaking.  In some ways, New York can be a very insular environment…


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