What are Some Good Ways of Annoying Chinese People?

Funny / Sad ; as seen on Quora:

Answer by Kent Fung:

  • Ask them to make you sushi.
  • Compliment them for the great things Samsung makes.
  • Ask them if they know kung fu. (Make a Bruce Lee noise in case they don’t seem to know what you mean. Or even if they do. Don’t forget the karate chop motion!)
  • Ask them to do your math homework.
  • Prove to them that you’re down with the Chinese by telling them about this one “friend” you have … who’s Vietnamese. Ask if they know your “friend,” refuse to accept “no” for an answer.
  • Speak English to them VERY  … LOUDLY … and SLOWLY. Nod a lot for no apparent reason as you do so.
  • Ask a mainlander why China doesn’t just leave Taiwan alone.
  • Ask a person from Taiwan why Taiwan doesn’t just accept Chinese rule.
  • Mistake a Hong Kong person for a mainlander
  • Wrinkle your nose at whatever it is that they’re eating

What are some good ways of annoying Chinese people?


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