What Aspects of Daily Life in the United States in 2012 Would Be Unbelievable to a Person in the Year 2000?

From Quora:

Answer by Oliver Emberton:

  • We would interact with our games consoles by waving our limbs like a drunken mime. The most popular platform for this would have a name that sounds like urine. This would become one of the great success stories of the decade:
  • The US would elect a black president.
  • People increasingly avoid the phone; the most common way to make a date is now via text message, which costs more per character then sending data into space [1].
  • The most pressing social issue in 2012 will be fought mostly over chicken sandwiches:
  • Sharing intimate aspects of your life – from drunken photos of you making out with a stranger, to broadcasting what music you’re listening to as you listen to it – will become so routine as to be banal.
  • Smartphones: half the US carries the freakin’ Internet in their pocket. Back in 2000, this was the coolest in mobile tech:
  • September 11th would embroil the US in two new wars longer than WW2.
  • The idea of not having access to a fact, anywhere, would become almost laughable in the western world. Schools redesign themselves to accommodate this new reality.
  • A website started by a Harvard undergraduate – Facebook – would become the world’s most popular in about 5 years. It would be so ubiquitous that a film about its geeky founder would be a lauded commercial hit.
  • Google would turn from a 40 employee startup [2] to a global verb.
  • The US would convince much of the world that re-invading Iraq is a moral imperative to protect civilisation from weapons of mass destruction. They would be wrong.
  • Following the daily and intimate lives of celebrities through posts of 140 characters would become a mainstream past time. Said ‘tweets’ would be the subject of debate on TV, scandal and lawsuits.
  • The US would come within hours of defaulting on their 14 trillion dollar national debt. In 2000 the US was running a record surplus.
  • Popular concepts like ‘tagging’, ‘walls’, ‘unfriend’, ‘retweet’, ‘like’, ‘poke’ and more would completely redefine our social interactions.
  • People would carry all their music with them in tiny devices called ‘iPods’. CDs would be so passé.
  • People would stream all their music over the Internet. iPods would be so passé.
  • Apple would recover from near bankruptcy to become the most valued company on Earth; ultimately over twice that of Microsoft.
  • The most popular books of the decade are soft porn for ladies (50 Shades).
  • No-one buys a holiday, insurance or hit singles in the real world anymore.
  • We would land a robot on Mars using a flying crane; that robot would zap alien rocks with a laser. For science!
  • The longest and debatably worst global recession in modern times would hit in 2008. Combining the 2012 and 2008 recessions, stock lost between 10-20 years of gains, and the US would have their credit rating reduced.
  • In 1999, a 2.7 megapixel camera cost just under $6,000, making it the first “affordable” digital camera [3]. We now expect more from a cheap phone.
  • People would buy virtual gifts and cards – that cost real money. This would not last, fortunately:
  • An obscure website – YouTube – would grow to serve over 4 billion videos worldwide *every day*. The most popular would consist of cats and fingers being bitten by Charlie.
  • Climate change remains controversial in the US, despite 9 of the 10 hottest global temperatures ever recorded, global floods, heatwaves, storms, receding polar ice and 4,000 US states of emergency in one month alone.
  • The US would be without a replacement for the retired Space Shuttle, and would pay Russia to take them into space [4].
  • Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs would be taken from us far too soon.
  • A website built entirely from user contributions would grow into the largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia ever made and it would be free too.
  • A distressingly high percentage of people WUD RITE LIK3 THIS, FML. This is increasingly tolerated and even advocated by schools [5].
  • The financial future of the whole of Europe may well depend upon Greece, a country smaller than Uruguay.
  • Quora – a website where people answer questions in far too much detail – would flourish and consume many needless lives. But not mine!
  • People would complain nothing exciting happened in the last 10 years.

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What aspects of daily life in the United States in 2012 would be unbelievable to a person in the year 2000?


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