It’s Columbus Day!

Is that a Problem?

It’s a Legal Holiday, a Bank Holiday and there are a few parades.

Christopher Columbus Portrait with Quote Foreground

There’s also a certain amount of controversy.

Christopher Columbus Mugshot

Is it justified?  

Christopher Columbus Wanted Poster

Did Columbus actually discover anything?  Or was he just lucky?  Or did he just have some truly inspired Public Relations?

Christopher Columbus Monument in Schenley Park

When it’s all said and done, does ANYbody ever do anything in a state of complete and total isolation?  

Not since Genesis…

Thomas Edison didn’t INVENT the incandescent light bulb, he PERFECTED it.

Thomas Edison with light bulb

Henry Ford didn’t INVENT the assembly line production process, he ADAPTED it.

Henry Ford with Model T

Christopher Columbus was possibly the first European explorer to get CLOSE to America… Central America.  

He was certainly the first to be promoted for that feat.

But in the end, at that time, he thought he had actually reached India.  

Christopher Columbus Depends on Apple Maps

Christopher Columbus never knew where he was going.

He never realized where he was when he had arrived there and he died never having understood just exactly what he had actually accomplished.  

In at least one sense, the holiday celebrates confusion.

Columbs Day Thanksgiving Prayer Cartoon

And that’s what Columbus Day truly means to me.

Chris Columbus Voted off the Island Bizarro Cartoon


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