Thanksy Happgiving! (Part 3)

Let’s hear it for the good ol’ tryptophan buzz!
You know, that attack of drowsiness that follows the ingestion of large amounts of turkey!
Perhaps we should rename the holiday “Loosened Belt Buckle Day!”

Politically Correct Hand Turkey Response

Holidays Confused

Perhaps we should call it, “Leftover Dress Rehearsal Day”!

Turkey in the Casket

No Politics at the Table

Holiday Mascots in Bar

Turkey Newscaster

Self Mutilating Turkey

Wait Your Turn
Perhaps we should call it the “Gluttony Invitational”!

turkey trial testimony

Maybe just “Extended Family Relation Tolerance Day”!

Thanksgiving Inferno

thankful turkeys
Come to think of it, maybe “Thanksgiving” is actually pretty good!
Please note: 
The attorneys make me say this: These images are the property of their respective copyright holders and are presented here for private amusement only.  
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Stahler cartoon 112014


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