Hanukkah Harry Talks About Riding Along With Santa; Hints At Getting His Own Sleigh

A talented fellow writes lovingly and humorously about a subject which was actually the subject of considerable discussion back in the neighborhood in which I grew up.
Click, enjoy and laugh; the following post goes equally well with eggnog or latkes!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Hanukkah HarryAs I broke on this blog earlier in the week, Hanukkah Harry rode along with Santa Claus this year as Flying Monkeys provided a security escort.   Santa and his entourage arrived home without incident, and his co-pilot called this Modern Philosopher to talk about his wild night.

“Austin, I’ve never had such a time,” Harry yelled excitedly into the phone.  “Oh what fun it was to ride in a reindeer guided sleigh.  But speaking of the reindeer…they do stink.  There are no words to describe the stench.  That was the one draw back to it all.  That and the fact that it gets so cold.”

The North Pole Security Agency received “highly credible intel” (Read Here!) about a threat against Santa Claus, so tensions were high as the sleigh made its way around the world.  Was Harry at all scared for his life?

“My stomach was in…

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