Stranger and Stranger…

So many people have struggled to voice some kind of logic surrounding the race for the US Presidency it seems ridiculous for me to try and contribute anything more to the conversation.

That’s why I so admire Tom Tomorrow’s efforts in his political cartoon strip “This Modern World.” 

Tom Tomorrow - Trump Mania

If nothing else, this year’s presidential campaign will be remembered for such phrases as “schoolyard insults” and “dog-whistle politics,” just 16 short years after the “hanging chad.”

Sadly, it may also be remembered as the first for which audience members would need to be restricted on the basis of age and maturity.

This even though the candidates have obviously not had to pass such screening…


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3 thoughts on “Stranger and Stranger…

    1. As always, Katherine, thank you for following my blog. It may be interesting to watch: usually, members of the US House and Senate WANT to benefit from a presidential candidate’s coattails…

      It is sad to consider how many people appear to have forgotten that the President — unlike a King or Emperor — does not rule by executive fiat and that without the consent and cooperation of the Congress, he is practically powerless.

      We the People are not powerless, however, so long as we register and VOTE!

      Thanks for your comment!


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      1. I believe in voting with my big mouth long before the election. The time to vote is now, by paying attention to more than the presidential comedy show. I’d like to see this turn into an issue-oriented election, in which voters are knowledgeable enough to ask the right questions and demand responsible answers.

        It’s not good enough for candidates to ride presidential coattails, because then we get the troublesome party split, as now. Candidates need to distinguish themselves on specific issues, such as the ethanol mandate, which I’m researching for a series of blogs.


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