Bite the Bullet

The only thing worse than the enormity of the catastrophe in Orlando is the enormity of the display of political cowardice and impotence which followed it in Washington, DC earlier this past week.

TMW2016-06-22color Gun Talk

If it’s any consolation, it’s looking increasingly possible that the people responsible for the most recent debacle (the legislative one…) will be deposed from office within a mere 4 months and change.

At least one can hope.

Thanks for your visit; here’s hoping we can resume making you laugh again before the week is out!


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One thought on “Bite the Bullet

  1. I’m no gun lover, but as long as the police and military have guns, everyone should be allowed to own them. Fear of government was the reason for the second amendment.

    Also, as long as we are waging war on the rest of the planet, we deserve no peace at home. If we were truly the peaceful, democratic nation we pretend to be, mass shootings would not occur (at least not so frequently).

    Laws only create outlaws and fuel the black markets. Drug laws may be even more insidious than gun laws in this regard, with cartels controlling the drug trade with the guns they have at their disposal.


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