A New Cartoonist Enters the Rotation!

In recent months, this blog has started to feature more and more work by cartoonists.

As it is not unusual for your humble servant and blogger to weigh in on American Politics, many of these cartoons have had some political opinion incorporated into them.

Rick Stevens, however, prefers to weigh in on more technological themes, not infrequently, matters of social media and personalities.

His series, “Diesel Sweeties“, is a perfect example of this and can often be found in the cartoonists’ online magazine, “The Nib“.  He also maintains his own website, and you’ll find the URL at the bottom of his cartoons.

His unique style of rendering, almost always in a highly pixelated style reminiscent of an early Atari video game, is merely the most obvious of his many distinctions.

As you will see, he is deeply fascinated by many tropes of Science Fiction and technology.  He is also something of a coffee freak and many of his characters are portrayed with steaming hot cups of caffeine-rich goodness in their hands.

He has most graciously consented to permit me to use his work.  I sincerely hope you will find it as enjoyable as I do.

R Stevens Victor vs Donald

I led off with this cartoon from his series because it does make some passing reference to politics, but I can guarantee you future posts will be almost entirely about more relatable people.

My thanks to Rick Stevens for being such a nice guy about letting me appropriate his talent and my thanks to YOU, gentle reader for stopping by to check it out.  Please return soon!

And if you observe the American Independence Day holiday, please permit me to wish you a happy and safe one!


About jaypochapin

Married adult human male, father, brother, son, writer, voiceover actor and humorist. Frequently funny, sometimes snarky, occasionally profound. Beatles, Stones, Who, Python, Firesign Theatre, Shakespeare, Bogart/Bacall, Marx Brothers, Alice Cooper and more besides. Have worked as many things: traffic reporter, disc jockey, newscaster, interviewer, producer, copywriter, voice over talent, teacher, emcee, housekeeper, janitor, uniformed security officer, bagel baker's assistant and more, but don't let the uniform fool you, baby! I ... AM ... THE WRITER!

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