RSDS: Hally Happoween!

Okay, you just KNOW that with all the weirdness in Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties” universe, All Hallows Eve can NEVER be just another day on the calendar…



Let’s be sure to treat Rick Stevens like the creative artist he truly is!

I thank both you and he for contributing to the growing popularity of this humble blog.

Me? Mostly I just hang out and curate; since it’s fun for me, I don’t really view it as “work”, which means it HAS to be a labor of love!

Ciao for Niao!



About jaypochapin

Married adult human male, father, brother, son, writer, voiceover actor and humorist. Frequently funny, sometimes snarky, occasionally profound. Beatles, Stones, Who, Python, Firesign Theatre, Shakespeare, Bogart/Bacall, Marx Brothers, Alice Cooper and more besides. Have worked as many things: traffic reporter, disc jockey, newscaster, interviewer, producer, copywriter, voice over talent, teacher, emcee, housekeeper, janitor, uniformed security officer, bagel baker's assistant and more, but don't let the uniform fool you, baby! I ... AM ... THE WRITER!

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