RSDS: Count Bloodzo Returns! And Early Voting Totally Rocks!

Is there a sudden chill in the air? Or is it just me?


Naturally, my thanks to Rick Stevens, whose “Diesel Sweeties” creations are becoming a regular staple of this humble blog!

On a different subject…

My wife and I partook of the opportunity to vote early on Monday.

If this is available to you fellow Americans (some states allow this innovation, some states don’t), I personally recommend it highly.

Regardless of the party or candidate you prefer, it is much quicker than waiting until the actual Election Day to cast your ballot, since the crowds are spread out over the 7-14 days this option remains open.

One thing’s for sure, if you wait until the actual day of polling, you’re likely to encounter some lengthy delays due to all the interest in this year’s contest.

Actually, the longest portion of the process was providing the necessary IDs in order to swear out an oath on paper to attest to the following: that my wife and I were not dead (apparently this is very important and not terribly obvious), that we hadn’t already voted in this election and that we promised we wouldn’t attempt to vote again in the same election (Thanks, Donald!)

The actual voting part of the whole thing was the fastest part. Where we live there were only three races on the ballot: President, U-S Senator and U-S House Representative. Not even so much as a single ballot initiative.

Once we had voted, our election officials even offered us a chance to pick from a giant bowl of candy!

Do you know it took me longer to select a candy bar than it took me to select a presidential candidate?

How’s that for an editorial commentary?

Just remember, you can only show up to vote in the U-S Presidential General Election once every four years!

Unless you’re dead, of course… In which case, you may have wound up in the Unhappy Place (Thanks, Donald!)

Your visit is appreciated! Please come back soon!


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