Shamelessly Shilling

First, I wish to excuse myself to all the folks who read this humble blog from outside of the United States and not merely because of, well, you know…

Here in the USA, February is Girl Scout cookie season, and my sweet daughter is a Girl Scout, a Junior, to be precise, which places her Mom and I squarely in the thick of things.

At this stage of our lives as a family, we’ve got this cookie sales thing just about down to a science.

Jamie, my wife, is the brains of the outfit.  She places orders, books the sales booths with local merchants, chaperones the girls and transports at least a few of them.

Jamilah, our daughter, is the charming sales associate.

And I, I am the brawn, I am the mule, the moose.  I do the heavy lifting.

What heavy lifting, you may ask?  Well, how do you think 40 or 50 cases of various product makes its way from the car to the house? And often back to the car? And then to the sales table in the vestibule at your local supermarket or big box retailer?

Yep, Daddy (among others)!

So please make it a point to lighten my load and get out and buy some Girl Scout cookies today!

I’ve already had two inguinal hernias repaired when I was younger and had access to decent medical care. But now, we can’t really afford even the stripped down drive-thru kind of “McMedicine” they practice today!…

Also, my shoulders and lower back will thank you.

This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to our regular programming…


Rob Rogers is an Op/Ed cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a friend from my former hometown where they’ve recently had a water quality scare and a boil water order that’s just been lifted. . .


Also, just so you know, Grant Street is the main thoroughfare in downtown Pittsburgh.  What is it with cartoonists and these metaphors about brewing coffee?

As always, thank you for your visit!

And buy those cookies!  

Where’s the liniment?


About jaypochapin

Married adult human male, father, brother, son, writer, voiceover actor and humorist. Frequently funny, sometimes snarky, occasionally profound. Beatles, Stones, Who, Python, Firesign Theatre, Shakespeare, Bogart/Bacall, Marx Brothers, Alice Cooper and more besides. Have worked as many things: traffic reporter, disc jockey, newscaster, interviewer, producer, copywriter, voice over talent, teacher, emcee, housekeeper, janitor, uniformed security officer, bagel baker's assistant and more, but don't let the uniform fool you, baby! I ... AM ... THE WRITER!

3 thoughts on “Shamelessly Shilling

    1. Hi, Maria!

      Here in the US, girl scout troops raise money to pay for their activities later in the spring and summer by selling cookies in January and February.

      It’s an opportunity for the girls to get a taste of what it’s like to plan, launch and operate a business from which they can make a profit that funds the things they may want to do which would otherwise be out of reach.

      It also teaches them independence and gives them a sense of self-sufficiency.

      So yeah, there’s actually a “season”, at least over here.

      From your comment, I’m guesting Danish girl scouts either sell frosted pastries or smoked fish for fundraising.

      I mean, they don’t go out and sell anything pertaining to Hamlet or Hans Christian Andersen…

      Do they?

      Yours in jest,

      “Hey, don’t look at ME, I didn’t vote for him!”


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