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Long Overdue Announcement

Hello! I realize my previous post was more than 18 months ago. Rest assured that, with the LORD’s help, newer posts should start to appear soon. I have much to tell even as the greatest republic the world has ever seen appears to be in jeopardy. Please be of good cheer!


RSDS: Demand Less!

As we set out upon a new week, I never cease to be impressed at how easy it is for some folks to call attention to themselves.  Not that I’m thinking of anyone specific, mind you, I’m just sayin’…

Our faithful pixellated pundit Rick Stevens apparently is similarly impressed:r-stevens-diesel-sweeties-dont-demand-attention

Now let’s see what happens when we bring Red Robot out from the wings to center stage:


This much is clear, Rick Stevens obviously considers his female characters to be brighter than his males and the Red Robot to be on an equal footing with the ladies! Quite the metaphor for these challenging times…

As always my thanks go out to Mr. Stevens who creates these episodes of “Diesel Sweeties“.

Similar thanks go to you, gentle reader! Please share the love by using the sharing buttons just below and please make it a point to come back again soon!

A Temporary Solution…

…To the question of what I should post.


Book reviews, at least for now.

I recently remembered that I went through a phase several years back of writing reviews of books I read for my own amusement.  Don’t worry, gentle reader, I do not plan to re-publish them all, only the ones I think may have stood the test of time (however brief that test may be when you’re only going back less than three years.)

IN ANY EVENT, IT WILL AT LEAST BE NEW CONTENT (at least it’ll be new to you,) and I’ll get back into the swing of maintaining this blog.

I thank you in advance for your patience, your company and your indulgence.

Your humble servant and blogger
Your humble servant and blogger

What Aspects of Daily Life in the United States in 2012 Would Be Unbelievable to a Person in the Year 2000?

From Quora:

Answer by Oliver Emberton:

  • We would interact with our games consoles by waving our limbs like a drunken mime. The most popular platform for this would have a name that sounds like urine. This would become one of the great success stories of the decade:
  • The US would elect a black president.
  • People increasingly avoid the phone; the most common way to make a date is now via text message, which costs more per character then sending data into space [1].
  • The most pressing social issue in 2012 will be fought mostly over chicken sandwiches:
  • Sharing intimate aspects of your life – from drunken photos of you making out with a stranger, to broadcasting what music you’re listening to as you listen to it – will become so routine as to be banal.
  • Smartphones: half the US carries the freakin’ Internet in their pocket. Back in 2000, this was the coolest in mobile tech:
  • September 11th would embroil the US in two new wars longer than WW2.
  • The idea of not having access to a fact, anywhere, would become almost laughable in the western world. Schools redesign themselves to accommodate this new reality.
  • A website started by a Harvard undergraduate – Facebook – would become the world’s most popular in about 5 years. It would be so ubiquitous that a film about its geeky founder would be a lauded commercial hit.
  • Google would turn from a 40 employee startup [2] to a global verb.
  • The US would convince much of the world that re-invading Iraq is a moral imperative to protect civilisation from weapons of mass destruction. They would be wrong.
  • Following the daily and intimate lives of celebrities through posts of 140 characters would become a mainstream past time. Said ‘tweets’ would be the subject of debate on TV, scandal and lawsuits.
  • The US would come within hours of defaulting on their 14 trillion dollar national debt. In 2000 the US was running a record surplus.
  • Popular concepts like ‘tagging’, ‘walls’, ‘unfriend’, ‘retweet’, ‘like’, ‘poke’ and more would completely redefine our social interactions.
  • People would carry all their music with them in tiny devices called ‘iPods’. CDs would be so passé.
  • People would stream all their music over the Internet. iPods would be so passé.
  • Apple would recover from near bankruptcy to become the most valued company on Earth; ultimately over twice that of Microsoft.
  • The most popular books of the decade are soft porn for ladies (50 Shades).
  • No-one buys a holiday, insurance or hit singles in the real world anymore.
  • We would land a robot on Mars using a flying crane; that robot would zap alien rocks with a laser. For science!
  • The longest and debatably worst global recession in modern times would hit in 2008. Combining the 2012 and 2008 recessions, stock lost between 10-20 years of gains, and the US would have their credit rating reduced.
  • In 1999, a 2.7 megapixel camera cost just under $6,000, making it the first “affordable” digital camera [3]. We now expect more from a cheap phone.
  • People would buy virtual gifts and cards – that cost real money. This would not last, fortunately:
  • An obscure website – YouTube – would grow to serve over 4 billion videos worldwide *every day*. The most popular would consist of cats and fingers being bitten by Charlie.
  • Climate change remains controversial in the US, despite 9 of the 10 hottest global temperatures ever recorded, global floods, heatwaves, storms, receding polar ice and 4,000 US states of emergency in one month alone.
  • The US would be without a replacement for the retired Space Shuttle, and would pay Russia to take them into space [4].
  • Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs would be taken from us far too soon.
  • A website built entirely from user contributions would grow into the largest and most comprehensive encyclopedia ever made and it would be free too.
  • A distressingly high percentage of people WUD RITE LIK3 THIS, FML. This is increasingly tolerated and even advocated by schools [5].
  • The financial future of the whole of Europe may well depend upon Greece, a country smaller than Uruguay.
  • Quora – a website where people answer questions in far too much detail – would flourish and consume many needless lives. But not mine!
  • People would complain nothing exciting happened in the last 10 years.


What aspects of daily life in the United States in 2012 would be unbelievable to a person in the year 2000?

Book Review: “Mick Jagger” by Philip Norman

You know a biographer’s subject must have led an interesting life when the book runs to 600 pages, plus another 40 for the Index.

And the man isn’t even dead yet…

All kidding aside, Mick Jagger is one of the most iconic figures of the entire musical movement lumped under the broad heading of Rock ‘n Roll.

The irony here, of course, is that he and The Rolling Stones never set out to be a Rock ‘n Roll band. They WANTED to be a blues band; at the very least, a Rhythm and Blues band.

But they emerged from England in the early 60’s, they were contemporaries of the Beatles, and nobody ever seemed to want to be bothered about making the distinction.

Philip Norman has provided the reader with a masterful work, which is no more than one would expect from his prior “group” biography of the Rolling Stones as a corporate entity, his comparable effort concerning the Beatles and his biography focusing on John Lennon. The man obviously knows his stuff, and anything he doesn’t know he researches until he has run it to ground.

Delightfully easy to read – even at 600 pages – and filled with anecdotal evidence that paints a fairly well rounded picture of the man who has spent much of his public life denying he has any really cogent memory of anything.

Unlike a number of entertainment autobiographies, in which the authors often seek to excuse their excesses, Norman makes no such attempts on his subject’s behalf. Michael Philip Jagger is presented without apology, warts and all. Particularly when it comes to the subject of women.

Neither is Norman overly worshipful about his celebrated subject. He lets the chips fall where they may, which makes this book an even more entertaining read.

Obviously recommended for an audience of my contemporaries (anyone who personally remembers the British Invasion,) but also useful to a younger audience who may yet appreciate where today’s media darlings of the music world first got their ideas for world conquest in the first place.”  

Very highly recommended, both for recreation as well as insight.

Testing, testing! ls this thing on?

Did anybody have a Vice Principal in high school who DIDN’T do that at the start of any assembly?

Do they all have to be tested and demonstrate they have this behavior ingrained before they can be licensed to teach?

Welcome to my blog; it’s only about six years late getting here. The first couple of entries may be pretty distantly spaced at first. I’m still experimenting. Thank you in advance for your patience.

And now, a brief word: