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Cats, Creativity & Caricature!

Let us take a moment to compose our thoughts…

There, that ought to do it.

We begin this latest installment with dependable Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties...


Our pixelated pundit likes to tackle the topic of creativity…



Do you think he has a feline companion (or two) in his life? He certainly seems to relate to them well! I don’t recall ever having seen a dog in any of his work…


We haven’t seen much of Don Asmussen‘s work recently.

Please permit me to remedy that inadvertent oversight…


Please be of good cheer! These samples of feline admiration, creativity and caricature are here for your enjoyment thanks in large measure to the permissions of the respective artists!


As always, I also thank you, the readers who visit this humble blog.

Several weeks back, while pondering where our readers come from, I noted that almost all of our readers hail from the Northern Hemisphere.

Well, a few folks must have taken notice! Since that time, our Readership Research Department informs me we’ve since seen a significant upswing in readers from South Africa!

It would seem word really does travel across the Internet!

Isn’t modern technology wonderful? Seriously, right now I am SO filled with wonder!…

Among other things…

See you again soon!


A Brief Note of Explanation

Sometimes, things happen in Life.  Some are unexpected, others can be anticipated.

Two weeks ago I didn’t expect, but now I anticipate, that I may be absent from this humble blog for several weeks.

I am fine.

My family is all fine.

I will be taking a break from posting, just a little one.

How long? I don’t know.

But I wanted to put this post out there so that, when the time comes, nobody thinks I’ve been the victim of Alien Abduction, deportation or anything else.

So there you have it.

Enjoy me while you have me!

Meanwhile, back at the First Amendment…




Okay, folks, that’s all for now!