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Tax Day + Earth Day = Tearthax Day

It’s all about transparency and accountability.

For the first time in more than two generations, the United States is governed by a President whose financial life remains stubbornly shrouded in secrecy.

His environmental policy harkens back to the rapacious avarice of the so-called “robber barons” of the 19th century.

And a significant number of Americans seem to be okay with that.

Or at least they will be until their own finances are in ruins and almost everything they eat, drink or breathe is toxic.

Of course, in the end, the irony is that the ultra-wealthy will end up trapped by their own heedless avarice, imprisoned in a tightly circumscribed bubble that becomes their permanent and eternal habitat.

Of course, eventually the walls are breached, their sole comfort being that they will be the last to go. There will be none left to mourn or bury or remember them.

But they will have lasted the longest.

Well, THAT was certainly depressing! Time for some comic relief, I think!


Okaaayy, let’s try again shall we?…


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Do you know for the longest time I thought a “widget” was what happened when Gidget got mixed up in Necromancy!…

Shows you how much I know!…

Annnnnnd I’m out!


Cats, Creativity & Caricature!

Let us take a moment to compose our thoughts…

There, that ought to do it.

We begin this latest installment with dependable Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties...


Our pixelated pundit likes to tackle the topic of creativity…



Do you think he has a feline companion (or two) in his life? He certainly seems to relate to them well! I don’t recall ever having seen a dog in any of his work…


We haven’t seen much of Don Asmussen‘s work recently.

Please permit me to remedy that inadvertent oversight…


Please be of good cheer! These samples of feline admiration, creativity and caricature are here for your enjoyment thanks in large measure to the permissions of the respective artists!


As always, I also thank you, the readers who visit this humble blog.

Several weeks back, while pondering where our readers come from, I noted that almost all of our readers hail from the Northern Hemisphere.

Well, a few folks must have taken notice! Since that time, our Readership Research Department informs me we’ve since seen a significant upswing in readers from South Africa!

It would seem word really does travel across the Internet!

Isn’t modern technology wonderful? Seriously, right now I am SO filled with wonder!…

Among other things…

See you again soon!

RSDS: Cats Can Be Stubborn!

And so can people!

First up, Rick Stevens and “Diesel Sweeties”:


Of course, there’s a reason both species have a reputation for being stubborn:


Okay, so much for felines and their companions, let’s move on to something almost as universal, courtesy of contributor Matt Lubchansky:

Some of the folks who actually return to this humble blog voluntarily may be wondering why we haven’t gotten around to something by Tom Tomorrow..

Well, to them I say:

And, in closing, please return soon!

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Good luck!

(And don’t get too smart in front of your Samsung smart TV…)


RSDS: About That…

Wow, it has certainly been a week.

Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback and support. Sometimes this writing thing begins to make a little sense.  I’m happy about just being able to function on any level.  I have my wife and daughter to thank for that, not to mention my more extended family.

But, hey! Enough about me, let’s turn our attention to Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”!


And now, let us return to those thrilling days of Tom Tomorrow’s ” This Modern World “!…

Am I the only one who actually finds this scenario comforting, compared to real life?

Many thanks to the artists who create this material. Please visit their websites and support them with your generosity if you can!

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Believe me, it means a lot!

See you soon!

RSDS: Halloween, Star Wars and Cats on the Internet!

You know, when you stop and think about it, the triad listed above has come to be the 21st Century analog to the Wizard of Oz’ litany: “Lions and Tigers and Bears…”

Oh my…

Alrighty then, Rick Stevens, you’re on!…


Where would I be without Rick Stevens and “Diesel Sweeties“?

Probably posting a lot of blank blog pages, I should think. I really owe him big-time!

But no more or less than I owe you good folks who stop in from all over the planet to enjoy this stuff!

Please keep coming back!

RSDS: On Cats, Companions and Nurturing!

Any alien lifeforms observing the contemporary Internet could be excused for thinking that felines run the planet through the humans who serve them.

Apparently this thought has occurred to our friend, Rick Stevens, as well.

Needless to say (although I’m saying it anyway,) his take on this subject is somewhat altered…


Of course, the observations don’t end there…


As we head into the week and the scary prospect of one remaining Presidential debate, please know that your visit is appreciated!

Thanks also to Rick Stevens, whose “Diesel Sweeties” comic strip is highly unique and spot on when it comes to people, cats, robots and contemporary social phenomena.

I know he welcomes visitors at his own website, http://www.dieselsweeties.com , where T-shirts, pins and stickers are also available.

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RSDS – The Signs of Fall

This blog is blessed because I have the delightful task of curating some truly inspired artists, not the least of whom would be Rick Stevens and his unique series, “Diesel Sweeties“.

At this time of year, “Back to School” is the dominant mantra and when you combine that with Rick’s unique perspective on robots and feline companions, this is what you get…


And at the same time, people start decorating with corn stalks and pumpkins while they stock up on candy, since Halloween is rapidly approaching.

It should come as no surprise to learn the “Diesel Sweeties” crew has its own resident vampire…


Many thanks of the season to Rick Stevens for his permission to make use of his work!

Many thanks for your visit!

Please return to enjoy more posts in the very near future!

Feline Hall of Shame

There is enough that is sad in the world that when I find something that inspires a smile, I find it truly enjoyable and I want to share it.  The following post is less about anything “serious” and more aimed at providing a little of the levity that leavens our experience.

Cats have always been special for me.  I don’t claim to be some sort of passionate “cat person,” but I do enjoy their grace, their playfulness, and their potential to be truly wonderful companions.

They can also display unique individual personalities and not one of us is totally without our flaws and failings.  As a former cat “owner” and “co-habitant,” I’m pleased to offer up the following for your entertainment.

I hope you will find them amusing, originally from the BuzzFeed Community website (http://www.buzzfeed.com/daniheckman/cat-shaming-at-its-best-7w57.)