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Figure Out Something

It’s hard to know where to start…

This blog often takes its cues from the American political scene, and that’s been unusually chaotic these past 18 months.


And it doesn’t help when what used to pass for simple reality seems somehow unreal…

Elaborate explanations are offered to misdirect attention from the obvious to the impossible.


Reviewing everything that’s happened only in the past week makes many contemplate emigration, perhaps to Canada?


Revelation is not limited to the closing pages of the New Testament.


To wrap it up requires more at this point than I am prepared to provide. And I have a backlogjam of topical artwork to present.

I wish to thank these noble artisans to whom I turn week in and week out to help me get some perspective and thereby figure things out.

Please be of good cheer! There’ll be lots more art coming your way shortly!

Annnnnnd I’m out.


Marching Along to a Demented Drummer

The last several days have seen a bounty of great art surface…

Let’s begin with Scott Bateman:


Sometimes all you need is one great rendering:


The situation is certainly not lost on Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”:


Joey Allison Sayers decides to deliver a rendition that touches on at least one additional topic:

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Please return soon!

Some Thoughts on Death

When a life ends, we are all of us confronted by the enormity of the eternal.

The mysteries of the universe can be held at bay by the business of our day-to-day existence, but when the hand of the Almighty touches one of those closest to us, all our efforts to distract ourselves fall short and we are all — sooner or later — obliged to acknowledge how much of our existence remains unknown and unknowable.

For those with faith, there may be some level of comfort.

For those without faith, there is confusion, anger, resentment, fear and the sensation that modern Western culture finds most despicable: a sense of helplessness.

Sometimes, even those with faith feel these things.

Even as life begins with an experience that none of us can clearly remember, so it also ends in an experience that none can truly foresee.  That is the closing of the circle.

I can claim no special insight into such things, but it occurs to me that a Death is meant to transform the survivors who must go on living.  It unifies us, if only for a moment, in a sense of loss and mystery.

Perhaps that, too, is part of its purpose.