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Marching Along to a Demented Drummer

The last several days have seen a bounty of great art surface…

Let’s begin with Scott Bateman:


Sometimes all you need is one great rendering:


The situation is certainly not lost on Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”:


Joey Allison Sayers decides to deliver a rendition that touches on at least one additional topic:

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An EpiPen Epiphany!

Regular visitors to this blog know I’ve already posted some editorial cartoons about the EpiPen story and the fact that the sole FDA-approved provider of this therapy (Mylan Laboratories of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania) has been unashamedly price-gouging.

Cartoonist Jen Sorensen, whose work has appeared on this blog before, has some thoughts on this matter.

How would the rest of the world regard the plight of U-S healthcare consumers (sometimes traditionally referred to as “Victims” or “Pigeons“)?

I’m old enough to remember when they were simply described as “Patients“…

A lot has changed in the span of a single lifetime…





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For Once: NOT Political!

Epi-pen political cartoon

(There ARE things going on in the world besides the Presidential Election, y’know!…)

On a purely personal note, I feel ashamed that the company at the root of the EpiPen story, Mylan Labs, has its corporate headquarters barely 5 miles from where I once used to live.

It’s one of the few shameful things about Greater Pittsburgh, beyond the Third World class potholes and an obstinate resistance to metropolitan consolidation.

More “Diesel Sweeties” on the way in the next few days!

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