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An Homage to Spring

Here, directly above the headline, you see a recent picture of my former hometown (Pittsburgh, PA) taken early this spring. Of course, spring not only means budding flowers and plants, it also means the lawn begins to grow again, too..


There’s nothing like the return of warm weather to inspire the wanderlust that makes one itching to travel!…


Here’s a handy infographic that demonstrates how this President spends more time playing golf than Dubya spent clearing brush down in Texas…


That truly proves a picture is worth a thousand words…



Without Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”, we’d have to rely exclusively on Tom Tomorrow and “This Modern World.”

Whatever else may happen, human nature remains a constant…



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Too Good To Wait: “Trump’s Legion of Doom!”

It’s been awhile since Jon Rosenberg’s work last graced this humble blog. As soon as I saw this latest art, I felt compelled to share it as soon as possible!…

Thanks again to Jon Rosenberg, from whose mind this cartoon springs. See all his work at http://www.thenib.com! He deserves your support!

And, as always, thanks to you for visiting this humble blog!

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Cats, Creativity & Caricature!

Let us take a moment to compose our thoughts…

There, that ought to do it.

We begin this latest installment with dependable Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties...


Our pixelated pundit likes to tackle the topic of creativity…



Do you think he has a feline companion (or two) in his life? He certainly seems to relate to them well! I don’t recall ever having seen a dog in any of his work…


We haven’t seen much of Don Asmussen‘s work recently.

Please permit me to remedy that inadvertent oversight…


Please be of good cheer! These samples of feline admiration, creativity and caricature are here for your enjoyment thanks in large measure to the permissions of the respective artists!


As always, I also thank you, the readers who visit this humble blog.

Several weeks back, while pondering where our readers come from, I noted that almost all of our readers hail from the Northern Hemisphere.

Well, a few folks must have taken notice! Since that time, our Readership Research Department informs me we’ve since seen a significant upswing in readers from South Africa!

It would seem word really does travel across the Internet!

Isn’t modern technology wonderful? Seriously, right now I am SO filled with wonder!…

Among other things…

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Ode to an Odd Spring

It’s been practically two months since the Trump inauguration. The standing of the United States has dropped steeply and swiftly.

The news has been filled with details of a White House in chaos and a President whose lack of engagement rivals that of Louis the XVI.

He has wasted no time betraying the desperate working poor who helped to elect him and his administration spends most of its time denying reality.

Appointees are selected seemingly without concern for their backgrounds or their fitness or their competency.

Can you tell I’m a little depressed over this?

Let’s cheer ourselves up with Tom Tomorrow

Of course, when it comes to escapism via mayhem, Rick Stevens is usually a trustworthy refuge…




Let’s hear from Matt Lubchansky, who comments on the current U-S Attorney General, Jeff Sessions…


Okay, I admit it, I’m still pretty bummed out here.

But the world is not without hope!

Children are still being born and still being loved and still love. The days are now longer than the nights and will continue that way for about 6 more months.

And with every misguided and misanthropic step he takes, the 45th President of the United States cements his destiny as a one-term president.

Once his political base wakes up to their harsh new reality, his fate is sealed.

Now, could we please lighten up the mood a little around here?…



That’s more like it!  

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RSDS: Cats Can Be Stubborn!

And so can people!

First up, Rick Stevens and “Diesel Sweeties”:


Of course, there’s a reason both species have a reputation for being stubborn:


Okay, so much for felines and their companions, let’s move on to something almost as universal, courtesy of contributor Matt Lubchansky:

Some of the folks who actually return to this humble blog voluntarily may be wondering why we haven’t gotten around to something by Tom Tomorrow..

Well, to them I say:

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Good luck!

(And don’t get too smart in front of your Samsung smart TV…)


Autograph = Earthquake

 Time for a visit from Tom Tomorrow!.. 

Okaaayyyyy… I think that sums it all up very neatly!

Remember, boys and girls, anytime you find yourself challenged by any situation that’s obviously “rigged,” just call on your “alternative facts” and jump into a whole new universe where YOU make the rules!

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Oldies but Goodies!

Here’s a few cartoons that were posted on this humble blog several years back. In the spirit of recycling, I thought they were worthy of a second look…

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Cartoon

And speaking of recycling and resetting, here’s an early seasonal reminder for most of our U-S readers, about a week ahead of schedule…

change your clocks and smoke alarm batteries

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TMW: This Explains EVERYTHING!

We’re within 2 weeks of this epic melodrama’s end! We can all see the light at the end of the tunnel! And at long last, all is being made clear!…


Thanks to Tom Tomorrow who explains so much so easily!

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And now, the regular closing Public Service Announcement

Assuming you live in the United States and assuming you are registered to vote and assuming your state permits Early Voting, please cast your ballot as soon as conveniently possible. It looks very likely the polling places may be swamped come November 8th, so if you can avoid the crowds and the lines on that fateful Tuesday, I encourage you to do so.

Until we meet again along the Interwebs!…

RSDS: One More Halloween Post!

At this point, anything that doesn’t touch on the upcoming U-S Presidential Election is a welcome addition!…


Yeah, just giving out candy is good! As always, a giant thank you to artist Rick Stevens, the creator of “Diesel Sweeties“! And more and more thanks to everybody who comes to view this blog!

I heartily recommend Rick’s website, where all sorts of RSDS-related merchandise is available for purchase at popular prices!  Check it out at: http://www.dieselsweeties.com!

He’ll be glad you did!

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So what are YOU GUYS handing out this year??

RSDS: Costumes on Parade!

When I was a child, I delighted in dressing up for Halloween. At different stages I went “Trick-or-Treating” from house to house as a pack of cigarettes, as Thomas Jefferson, and as a grandfather clock.

As an adult, I once went to a party wearing a partial face mask that made me look somewhat like a monkey and several years later had myself made up to look like a vampire long before vampires became fashionable. I even went out and bought a deep blue cape!

Nowadays, such choices seem most unimaginative as Rick Stevens points out in this latest installment of his “Diesel Sweeties” comic:


Sure some costumes are puns, while others may be more… metaphorical:


About 14 years ago, as an adult homeowner for the first time in my life, I distributed treats from my front door, but I chose to do so in character.

Having long admired Alice Cooper‘s music and stage show, I obtained a cheap long-hair “rock star” wig and the cheapest black and white makeup kit I could find.

I applied plenty of clown white makeup and then blacked out my eye sockets, drew the frown, handed out candy at the door and nobody so much as commented.

At least not about ME.

The black cat with whom I lived at the time got a few compliments, however. I actually had to explain to one little fairy princess that, although he was indeed cool, I had not merely picked him up for the occasion and that he actually lived with me all year round.

You will be relieved to learn that the one or two photos taken that night have been lost to the ages.

Okay that’s all for now! Your support of this simple blog is always appreciated; I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Come as you are!