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The Cartoons Are Back!

Okay, no threat of selfish or portentous thoughts this time! Your humble blogger has returned to the tried and true.

Please enjoy the pretty pictures!…


Thanks to Rick Stevens for permission to repost his “Diesel Sweeties” online comic here!


Matt Lubchansky weighs in on the topic of the American Healthcare Act

Thanks to all who visit this blog!


Please hurry back soon!

Your assurance of quality… pretty much…

Ode to an Odd Spring

It’s been practically two months since the Trump inauguration. The standing of the United States has dropped steeply and swiftly.

The news has been filled with details of a White House in chaos and a President whose lack of engagement rivals that of Louis the XVI.

He has wasted no time betraying the desperate working poor who helped to elect him and his administration spends most of its time denying reality.

Appointees are selected seemingly without concern for their backgrounds or their fitness or their competency.

Can you tell I’m a little depressed over this?

Let’s cheer ourselves up with Tom Tomorrow

Of course, when it comes to escapism via mayhem, Rick Stevens is usually a trustworthy refuge…




Let’s hear from Matt Lubchansky, who comments on the current U-S Attorney General, Jeff Sessions…


Okay, I admit it, I’m still pretty bummed out here.

But the world is not without hope!

Children are still being born and still being loved and still love. The days are now longer than the nights and will continue that way for about 6 more months.

And with every misguided and misanthropic step he takes, the 45th President of the United States cements his destiny as a one-term president.

Once his political base wakes up to their harsh new reality, his fate is sealed.

Now, could we please lighten up the mood a little around here?…



That’s more like it!  

😊  😏  😎

As always, I thank the artists whose work appears in this humble blog.

Also, thanks to you, gentle visitor!

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RSDS: Cats Can Be Stubborn!

And so can people!

First up, Rick Stevens and “Diesel Sweeties”:


Of course, there’s a reason both species have a reputation for being stubborn:


Okay, so much for felines and their companions, let’s move on to something almost as universal, courtesy of contributor Matt Lubchansky:

Some of the folks who actually return to this humble blog voluntarily may be wondering why we haven’t gotten around to something by Tom Tomorrow..

Well, to them I say:

And, in closing, please return soon!

Remember, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the RCMP, the White House, MI-5, #10 Downing Street, the Kremlin and probably the Salvation Army as well already know you’ve visited this humble (and inoffensive) blog.

Good luck!

(And don’t get too smart in front of your Samsung smart TV…)


February Post, version 2.0

First, thanks to everybody who took the time to reach out to me during my birthday. It was greatly appreciated.

Now, let’s get down to business!..

This time out, we bring you new art from Tom Tomorrow, Rick Stevens and Matt Lubchansky…


Next, let’s visit with Uncle Rick…



Matt Lubchansky shows us how a favorite presidential claim about the opposition plays out in Real Life…

Thanks to every artist whose gifts appear here and thanks to YOU for coming, thanks for liking, thanks for sharing and thanks in advance for your next visit!

Back to the Future Futility

By the time November 8th arrives, the U-S Electorate may have a serious case of tranquilizer dependent depressive anxiety. And if you think there’s no such thing, that just means it’s not November 8th, 2016 … yet

Let’s kick off today’s proceedings with a contribution from Matt Lubchansky!

And now, let’s take a look at some of the latest thought from Rick Stevens and the ever-cynical Crimson Automaton!


As always my thanks go out to some immensely talented artists!

And more thanks for all the wonderful folks ALL AROUND THE WORLD monogram-for-the-coffinwho are making it a regular part of their day to come visit this humble blog! Please return for more new material very soon!

Peace out!


Matt Lubchansky Returns!

It’s been awhile since Matt Lubchansky‘s special brand of cartoon art has graced these pages! It’s an oversight on my part, not on his…

Please permit me to make amends with this elegant submission which combines at least one or two Science Fiction tropes with a delightful view on current events in the political arena…







I tend to harp on the societal and the political because, frankly, they frequently lend themselves to this kind of satire. Matt Lubchansky‘s deft touch adds an extra layer of polish to the proceedings!

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So Little Time Remains…

…until the Cleveland Circus opens next month.  Or am I thinking of the Republican National Convention?

There’s at least an even chance the GOP may attempt to wrest the nomination away from the presumptive nominee, so I think we need to make hay while the sun shines.

And it seems editorial cartoonist Matt Lubchansky agrees…

Behold, “The Hand of Clod“!

Matt Lubchansky Right Hand 1

Matt Lubchansky Right Hand 2

Matt Lubchansky Right Hand 3

Matt Lubchansky Right Hand 4

If you are reading this in the United States, please have a happy and safe Independence Day Holiday next week!

And as always, thank you for your visit and please return to see the next post very soon!