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Ode to an Odd Spring

It’s been practically two months since the Trump inauguration. The standing of the United States has dropped steeply and swiftly.

The news has been filled with details of a White House in chaos and a President whose lack of engagement rivals that of Louis the XVI.

He has wasted no time betraying the desperate working poor who helped to elect him and his administration spends most of its time denying reality.

Appointees are selected seemingly without concern for their backgrounds or their fitness or their competency.

Can you tell I’m a little depressed over this?

Let’s cheer ourselves up with Tom Tomorrow

Of course, when it comes to escapism via mayhem, Rick Stevens is usually a trustworthy refuge…




Let’s hear from Matt Lubchansky, who comments on the current U-S Attorney General, Jeff Sessions…


Okay, I admit it, I’m still pretty bummed out here.

But the world is not without hope!

Children are still being born and still being loved and still love. The days are now longer than the nights and will continue that way for about 6 more months.

And with every misguided and misanthropic step he takes, the 45th President of the United States cements his destiny as a one-term president.

Once his political base wakes up to their harsh new reality, his fate is sealed.

Now, could we please lighten up the mood a little around here?…



That’s more like it!  

😊  😏  😎

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Such a Lovely Time!

Where so much is wonderful that when it comes to the “Diesel Sweeties,” artist Rick Stevens has nothing to write about…


Anything that appears to touch on contemporary reality is, I am sure, merely a matter of coincidence!


Should it be necessary, self-help methodologies are standing by to remedy whatever may trouble you:


To any of you who regularly frequent this humble blog, topics touching on American Politics are our regular bread and butter. One of our more frequent contributors, Kotopopi, takes a swing at the topic in the latest installment of her series, “Millennials”:


It’s come to my attention there’s a grassroots effort underway in her home country (France) to draft Barack Obama as a candidate for President. Of France.

Gee, I wonder if America could persuade some other country to take the current office holder off our hands?

We’d be willing to take a loss on the deal.

And he comes completely equipped with a family and cabinet (Supreme Court Justices not included.)


Your assurance of quality… pretty much…

KOTOPOPI: When Trolls Post…

Okay! Yesterday I managed to post something with virtually no political overtones whatsoever!

You know, it’s not so easy to find something like that on the ol’ World Wide Web anymore!

Speaking of which, how do you cope when some unpleasant online character decides to throw some shade at you?

Let’s consult our continental cartoonist, KOTOPOPI, who should have some idea.

She lives in France you know, the acknowledged worldwide leader among nations when it comes to diplomacy…


Lesson duly noted!

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RSDS: Red Robot Lets You Know

Hey there, everybody! Time for another visit with our friends from Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties” and la parisienne herself, KOTOPOPI!

First up, the Red Robot has returned to reassure us of just where he stands… Alone.


Well, that was refreshing, wasn’t it? Shall we get a bite to eat? I hear they have some really great restaurants in France…



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KOTOPOPI – Sharing is Caring!

Hi, Everybody!  Our favorite cartoonist in Paris, KOTOPOPI, is back with the latest from her ongoing #Millennials series…

Today she explains how the so-called “Sharing Economy” works when you don’t manage to set any boundaries:


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RSDS & KOTOPOPI Share the Page!

Always looking to mix things up, today I have decided to mix things up.

Instead of concentrating on just one artist’s cartoons, today’s posts contains one cartoon from each of my two favorite sources.

Yeah, I’m that kind of guy: I like to throw caution to the wind…

First Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties“…

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Alexa Is Not Your Friend

And now KOTOPOPI‘s “#Millennials” have the floor…

KOTOPOPI - Millennials and Healthy Habits

Well! That was exhilarating!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed both these artists’ work. Their artwork appears here by their respective gracious permissions.

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KOTOPOPI: How to Get 1-Million Views!

Whether you blog like me or you actually know what you’re doing, you always want as many people to see your stuff as possible.

Everybody wants their work to get at least 1-million views.

Our friend in France, the talented cartoonist KOTOPOPI, in her ongoing series entitled “#Millennials,” shows you how to reach this goal…


Thanks again for taking the time to visit this blog! Don’t forget to check out the artist’s work on her own blog:


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KOTOPOPI Explains Evolution:

If you check out this blog from time to time, you’ve probably seen the comic illustrations of KOTOPOPI.

A multi-lingual young lady who makes her home in Paris, France, KOTOPOPI in real life is the nom de plume of Arianna Stefanini.

Her dog, Dali, is the inspiration for much of her work because although her dog’s “official” name is Dali, the dog has learned to  respond to the affectionate nickname “Kotopopi.”

I suppose you could say Kotopopi is the dog’s nom de chien

One of KOTOPOPI‘s more recent comic series is called, “#MILLENNIALS.”

I’m betting you can all guess what it’s about, but just in case you can’t, here’s a recent post of hers which should clarify things for you…



My thanks to KOTOPOPI for her permission to re-post her artwork here from time to time, but if you want to see as much of her work as possible, I know she’d welcome your traffic at her own blog website: http://www.kotopopi.com.

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