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An Homage to Spring

Here, directly above the headline, you see a recent picture of my former hometown (Pittsburgh, PA) taken early this spring. Of course, spring not only means budding flowers and plants, it also means the lawn begins to grow again, too..


There’s nothing like the return of warm weather to inspire the wanderlust that makes one itching to travel!…


Here’s a handy infographic that demonstrates how this President spends more time playing golf than Dubya spent clearing brush down in Texas…


That truly proves a picture is worth a thousand words…



Without Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”, we’d have to rely exclusively on Tom Tomorrow and “This Modern World.”

Whatever else may happen, human nature remains a constant…



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Too Good To Wait: “Trump’s Legion of Doom!”

It’s been awhile since Jon Rosenberg’s work last graced this humble blog. As soon as I saw this latest art, I felt compelled to share it as soon as possible!…

Thanks again to Jon Rosenberg, from whose mind this cartoon springs. See all his work at http://www.thenib.com! He deserves your support!

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Such a Lovely Time!

Where so much is wonderful that when it comes to the “Diesel Sweeties,” artist Rick Stevens has nothing to write about…


Anything that appears to touch on contemporary reality is, I am sure, merely a matter of coincidence!


Should it be necessary, self-help methodologies are standing by to remedy whatever may trouble you:


To any of you who regularly frequent this humble blog, topics touching on American Politics are our regular bread and butter. One of our more frequent contributors, Kotopopi, takes a swing at the topic in the latest installment of her series, “Millennials”:


It’s come to my attention there’s a grassroots effort underway in her home country (France) to draft Barack Obama as a candidate for President. Of France.

Gee, I wonder if America could persuade some other country to take the current office holder off our hands?

We’d be willing to take a loss on the deal.

And he comes completely equipped with a family and cabinet (Supreme Court Justices not included.)


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Autograph = Earthquake

 Time for a visit from Tom Tomorrow!.. 

Okaaayyyyy… I think that sums it all up very neatly!

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RSDS: About That…

Wow, it has certainly been a week.

Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback and support. Sometimes this writing thing begins to make a little sense.  I’m happy about just being able to function on any level.  I have my wife and daughter to thank for that, not to mention my more extended family.

But, hey! Enough about me, let’s turn our attention to Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”!


And now, let us return to those thrilling days of Tom Tomorrow’s ” This Modern World “!…

Am I the only one who actually finds this scenario comforting, compared to real life?

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Something NOT Political!

With barely 2 weeks remaining before, well, YOU know, I think it’s high time we started to at least TRY and wean ourselves off all this political stuff.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be topical…



And, of course there is an entire world out there beyond the United States’ domestic borders…



So okay, that was a little bit political… Ah well, might as well go back to what’s familiar…



And, last but not least, how could we possibly resist?…



Please permit me to acknowledge the gifted art of (in descending order) John Darkow, Rytis Daukantas, R J Matson, and John Cole.

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TMW: Word Salad BOGO!

Just 3 more weeks!…

If we can all just hang on for 3moreweeks!…

Just imagine what this must be like for our stalwart cartoonist Tom Tomorrow!

The man must have ice water running through his veins…


Incredibly, it seems I missed one of last week’s cartoons…

(and it even has a shout-out to one of my favorite topics: Superman!)

So to make up for that — however belatedly — here it is:


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TMW: Post-Debate Delusional

Now you just HAD to know that if we posted a pre-debate cartoon yesterday, we had to be planning to post a post-debate cartoon today! Please welcome our talented friend Tom Tomorrow!…


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RSDS: Debate Prep for Tonight

The Cast Iron Lady meets Bloviator 2.0 tonight at Hofstra and here to help us all get ready is Rick Stevens and his most outspoken creation from “Diesel Sweeties“, Red Robot:


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Some of my Best Friends…

…Are women, or as I prefer to think of them, Ovarian-Americans (R).  In fact my own mother, my wife, even my daughter, all of them, Ovarian-Americans (R), every last one!

Mind you, I’m not genderist, I also have many Testicular-American (R) friends, which I believe allows me to rightfully claim to be gonad-neutral (R) as far as that’s concerned.

With that in mind, let us consider the following artwork from cartoonist Jen Sorensen


Thanks a whole bunch to Ms. Sorensen, herself an Ovarian-American (R), for this artful creation. Meanwhile, here’s a quick recent submission from another of our more frequent guest artists, Matt Lubchansky


And to all of you who make the time to visit this humble blog, both Ovarian-Americans (R) and Testicular-Americans (R) alike, black, white, grey, police, civilian, not to mention the assorted other Ovarian and Testicular citizens from around the world who stop by, my heartfelt appreciation!

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