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Marching Along to a Demented Drummer

The last several days have seen a bounty of great art surface…

Let’s begin with Scott Bateman:


Sometimes all you need is one great rendering:


The situation is certainly not lost on Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”:


Joey Allison Sayers decides to deliver a rendition that touches on at least one additional topic:

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RSDS: Back to the Present

Hello! There’s nothing so challenging as maintaining a sense of normality in the face of great anxiety and uncertainty.

As America prepares to follow Alice down the rabbit hole, let us contemplate something – anything – other than that.

That’s your cue, Jen Sorensen!…

So we drone along into the next great advance of technology… Or is it spirituality?  Or is it something else altogether?  As is usually the case, we turn to Rick Stevens’ gang at “Diesel Sweeties” to sort it out for us…


Another of Rick Stevens’ spawn, the Red Robot, proves to be a most sanguine philosopher…


Well, tomorrow’s the day the American Experiment sets out on a completely new course into uncharted waters…or not.

Let us pray that the LORD will see fit to keep a hedge of protection around this nation and rebuke the devourer.


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God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Back to the Future Futility

By the time November 8th arrives, the U-S Electorate may have a serious case of tranquilizer dependent depressive anxiety. And if you think there’s no such thing, that just means it’s not November 8th, 2016 … yet

Let’s kick off today’s proceedings with a contribution from Matt Lubchansky!

And now, let’s take a look at some of the latest thought from Rick Stevens and the ever-cynical Crimson Automaton!


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RSDS: Red Robot Smiles, Gray Robot Ponders.


It’s certainly been a busy time on that extra-special social media platform I like to call “Life.”

There are moments in anyone’s life when it seems so awfully attractive to just discard emotions and cruise along without all that extra baggage…


But such a viewpoint is too depressing and self-defeating for most of us, so…


And with that, gentle visitor, we call it a day.

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And if you’re in the United States and you aren’t already registered to vote, please check with your local Election Commission and see if it’s not too late to get all set up so you can cast a ballot in next month’s General Election on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

Believe me, it’s important.

Thanks to Rick Stevens whose “Diesel Sweeties” comics could not appear here without his gracious consent.

Please have the best week possible consistent with your potential for greatness and available budget.



RSDS: Red Robot Lets You Know

Hey there, everybody! Time for another visit with our friends from Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties” and la parisienne herself, KOTOPOPI!

First up, the Red Robot has returned to reassure us of just where he stands… Alone.


Well, that was refreshing, wasn’t it? Shall we get a bite to eat? I hear they have some really great restaurants in France…



Just a reminder, if you enjoy what you see here, you can find an extensive library of Rick Stevens‘ work at http://www.dieselsweeties.com.

Arianna Stefanini‘s art is on display at http://www.kotopopi.com.

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RSDS: Demand Less!

As we set out upon a new week, I never cease to be impressed at how easy it is for some folks to call attention to themselves.  Not that I’m thinking of anyone specific, mind you, I’m just sayin’…

Our faithful pixellated pundit Rick Stevens apparently is similarly impressed:r-stevens-diesel-sweeties-dont-demand-attention

Now let’s see what happens when we bring Red Robot out from the wings to center stage:


This much is clear, Rick Stevens obviously considers his female characters to be brighter than his males and the Red Robot to be on an equal footing with the ladies! Quite the metaphor for these challenging times…

As always my thanks go out to Mr. Stevens who creates these episodes of “Diesel Sweeties“.

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RSDS -Red Robot Rules!

In the world of Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties“, the Red Robot seems to be a character set apart.  

Unlike the Gray Robot, who keeps a cat and actually cares what the others think of him, the Red Robot doesn’t care very much for the society of others and he isn’t afraid to let them know it.  

Plain-spoken and blunt, he originates some of the most bizarre ideas in their little society.  To wit:




I’m pleased to acknowledge the generosity of cartoonist Rick Stevens, not to mention the folks like you who make it a part of their day to visit this blog.

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Reward for Health

Cartoonist Rick Stevens (pictured above) asks, “When is it NOT a good idea to live healthy?”

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties To Your Health

And sometimes it’s better NOT to meet someone you’ve idolized for too long…

R Stevens Diesel Sweeties Never Meet Your Heroes

And now this short Public Service Announcement on behalf of Political Sanity:

Have you registered to vote? Do you know where your polling place is located?

There’s still time to do the legwork, so get to it!

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