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The Cartoons Are Back!

Okay, no threat of selfish or portentous thoughts this time! Your humble blogger has returned to the tried and true.

Please enjoy the pretty pictures!…


Thanks to Rick Stevens for permission to repost his “Diesel Sweeties” online comic here!


Matt Lubchansky weighs in on the topic of the American Healthcare Act

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Valley Happentine’s Day!

That’s right, we don’t have our tax refund yet and the local florist doesn’t think I have a trustworthy face, so…

In a little more than 10 days the love of my life and I will have been married for 11-and-a-half years.  The second most important love of my life (my daughter) and I will have been hanging out together for more than 14 years.   Wow.

It’s true: a man can certainly be changed by the love of a good woman, even more so by the love of two exceptional women.   I have truly been blessed.


I’m not about to try and tell you it has always been easy – for any of us.

I had been a middle aged bachelor.  I figured any chance I had of having a family had slipped through my fingers years earlier, without my even having noticed.

What an amazing force God is; what an amazing force love is.   Both are sublime and yet they are also both inexorable.   You have no more chance of resisting them than you have of resisting the earth’s rotation or its revolution around the sun.


I suppose some people arrange their lives in such a way as to shut these forces out; we can be an incredibly willfully stubborn species.

But for most of us, there is little choice…   If we are willing to remain open to the possibilities.

I love you, my sweethearts both.

For My Mom

On January 8, 2017…

I just want to say that I have always loved you, even when I didn’t know how to say so.  Even when I didn’t know why to say so; even when I didn’t know when to say so; even when I didn’t know whether to say so.

There were so many times when I should have reached out across the gulf of time and space, of inches and yards and miles and weeks and months and years.  There were places I could have been, persons I could have been, things I could have been.

And yet I loved you, even as you loved me and neither of us could say the words that we found too dear to speak aloud.

And you have done so much and you have done so well.  You have forgiven so much and without regard to what might been. You have done so very well indeed.

Please rest in the LORD; you have rightfully earned your place.

I love you.


KOTOPOPI & Jen Sorensen Party Hearty!

Greetings, gentle visitor! I hope you had a great weekend!

Our delightful Italian-born, English-speaking resident of Paris, KOTOPOPI, shows us what happens to her when she tackles planning a simple evening with her “significant other”…


I sure hope you enjoyed her work as much as I have! What’s that you say? You’d like to see something more?

Okay, Jen Sorenson, a delightful English-speaking American, offers this commentary on the current U-S Presidential election…


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The Ugliest Wedding Dresses of All Time

The Ugliest Wedding Dresses of All Time

Saw it, couldn’t believe it, had to share it.

Ugly wedding dresses

My wife and I operate a simple event planning business and she specializes in weddings.

It is June right now in North America (what month is it where YOU are?), which means The Wedding Season is very much upon us.

Our own wedding took place in July (8th Anniversary coming up, thank you very much…) and we handled it all ourselves and had more than 250 guests and brought the whole production off for right around 3800 USD.  I’m not saying it was ridiculously easy, but it was memorable.

I know I’ll never forget it!

Long story short, we all know that occasionally the bride gets a little carried away.

She’s stressed out, or she’s worried.

Or she’s out of her tiny little mind.

BTW, Grooms are not immune to this phenomenon, themselves.

So please enjoy the associated slideshow and remember…

There, but for the grace of God, might go you or I.