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RSDS: Cats Can Be Stubborn!

And so can people!

First up, Rick Stevens and “Diesel Sweeties”:


Of course, there’s a reason both species have a reputation for being stubborn:


Okay, so much for felines and their companions, let’s move on to something almost as universal, courtesy of contributor Matt Lubchansky:

Some of the folks who actually return to this humble blog voluntarily may be wondering why we haven’t gotten around to something by Tom Tomorrow..

Well, to them I say:

And, in closing, please return soon!

Remember, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the RCMP, the White House, MI-5, #10 Downing Street, the Kremlin and probably the Salvation Army as well already know you’ve visited this humble (and inoffensive) blog.

Good luck!

(And don’t get too smart in front of your Samsung smart TV…)



Such a Lovely Time!

Where so much is wonderful that when it comes to the “Diesel Sweeties,” artist Rick Stevens has nothing to write about…


Anything that appears to touch on contemporary reality is, I am sure, merely a matter of coincidence!


Should it be necessary, self-help methodologies are standing by to remedy whatever may trouble you:


To any of you who regularly frequent this humble blog, topics touching on American Politics are our regular bread and butter. One of our more frequent contributors, Kotopopi, takes a swing at the topic in the latest installment of her series, “Millennials”:


It’s come to my attention there’s a grassroots effort underway in her home country (France) to draft Barack Obama as a candidate for President. Of France.

Gee, I wonder if America could persuade some other country to take the current office holder off our hands?

We’d be willing to take a loss on the deal.

And he comes completely equipped with a family and cabinet (Supreme Court Justices not included.)


Your assurance of quality… pretty much…

RSDS: Back to the Present

Hello! There’s nothing so challenging as maintaining a sense of normality in the face of great anxiety and uncertainty.

As America prepares to follow Alice down the rabbit hole, let us contemplate something – anything – other than that.

That’s your cue, Jen Sorensen!…

So we drone along into the next great advance of technology… Or is it spirituality?  Or is it something else altogether?  As is usually the case, we turn to Rick Stevens’ gang at “Diesel Sweeties” to sort it out for us…


Another of Rick Stevens’ spawn, the Red Robot, proves to be a most sanguine philosopher…


Well, tomorrow’s the day the American Experiment sets out on a completely new course into uncharted waters…or not.

Let us pray that the LORD will see fit to keep a hedge of protection around this nation and rebuke the devourer.


I thank you for your visit and respectfully remind you that the “like,” “share”, ” re-blog” and “comment” buttons below are there for you to use at your discretion.

Please return soon!

God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

RSDS: Read & Rule!

It’s time for another visit from Rick Stevens‘ “Diesel Sweeties“!

(BTW, this post is dedicated to my beautiful wife, Jamie, whose birthday is today!  🎂🎁)

As many fear the incoming acceptance of fake news and genuine ignorance of many basic truths, these characters remind us some realities remain immutable…


It’s also refreshing to see someone endorse bound printed media…




 If you like the artwork and – like me – you appreciate a good read that fits conveniently on a bookshelf or nightstand, please visit …


I know the artist will appreciate your support! And, as for me, please like share or comment on this blog post at your pleasure…

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(🎉🎂 🎁🎈Happy Birthday,

my Beautiful Wife! 🙌👊👏🎆)



Newer Is Better!

Hello,everybody! It’s great to see everyone so bright eyed and ready to tackle the New Year!

And what better way to kick off 2017 (Version 1.0) than by revisiting the gang at “My Cage” by Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus…


I’m still typing with one finger on the Amazon Fire, and for whatever reason I’m unable to adjust the color of the fonts, so I cannot highlight titles and names the way I’d like. But to give credit where it’s due, please enjoy this recent edition of Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”!…


Okay, before we all get TOO paranoid…


Yes, I suppose that WAS dated… Unless of course we’re talking about something like Chinese New Year! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Please remember your visits here are always appreciated, and please don’t forget to spread the love via the “like”, “share” and “comment” buttons below…

Hurry back soon!

(I’m actually starting to get faster at this!)

An Experiment in Posting

Okay, let’s try this again.

Writing and publishing a blog post from a tablet computer is obviously an acquired skill.

My efforts yesterday didn’t accomplish much unless elevated blood pressure and exceptional profanity are somebody’s idea of a desirable outcome.

However, today’s effort appears to be going better.  So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at one of Rick Stevens’ more recent “Diesel Sweeties” outings…




As always, my thanks to Rick Stevens, who is so gracious as to allow the re-posting of his art on this blog…

What follows is the “copy and paste” version:


This post has been composed using a word processing application installed on my tablet computer. I’m still typing with just one finger, but I am getting faster at it.

What I want to do here is to see if a formatted document like this can be copied and pasted to the blog.

Earlier today I attempted to compose in the blog suite itself and without a conventional keyboard. The results left something to be desired.

And the experiment continues…

High Maintenance

Well hello there boys and girls! I hope you’re all doing well! My family and I are fine.

My holiday present from my wife & daughter this year was an Amazon Fire tablet computer. It’s a cunning little device and I’m teaching myself to type with one finger.  I’d show you which finger, but this is not that kind of blog..

In any event event, I hope to start posting a little more frequently as I get used to this new infernal device.. I mean, this 21st century technological marvel…



Okay, I’ll grant you, THAT’s a little dated…

Here’s one I wish I could have shared a week ago, courtesy of our friend in la belle France, Kotopopi…



You would not believe what an effort it’s been just to generate this post!

Nothing less than Herculean…

This is going to take some getting used to… not to mention a lot of medicinal help!

Please like, share, comment, etc. below…

Your patience and support are appreciated!  See you soon!

RSDS: Delete That Noise!

Welcome back, gentle visitor!

There will be plenty of political fodder for this blog over the next 3 weeks, so let’s take an all-too-rare break from the U-S Presidential Election, shall we?

I rather thought you would agree…


Have I gotten around to acknowledging Rick Stevens, the creator of these “Diesel Sweeties” comics yet? I didn’t think so.

Well, don’t worry, I’ll get around to doing it soon enough!…


One of the warning signs of Presidential Election Campaign Fatigue Syndrome (sometimes clinically referred to as “PECFS“), is a tendency to start seeing analogies to the current campaign where they don’t even exist.

I mean, is it just me, or does all this parsing of words above strike you as somehow parallel to the kind of rhetoric we’ve been seeing and hearing everywhere we turn?

I should probably discuss this with my therapist…

Anybody know where I can find a good, cheap therapist who accepts patients on Medicaid?

Now that’s what I call depressing!

Thank you, Rick Stevens!

Thank you, blog post followers, 1st-time visitors, family members, casual friends, total strangers, et alia!  

Please check back soon for new posts, or follow this blog and be automatically notified when the new stuff goes up!

Oh! And…

Please don’t forget to stock up on your tranquilizers and associated psychotropic medications and beat the rush leading up to the third and final candidates’ debate in barely more than 2 days’ time!

And may the LORD have mercy on us all!


RSDS: On Cats, Companions and Nurturing!

Any alien lifeforms observing the contemporary Internet could be excused for thinking that felines run the planet through the humans who serve them.

Apparently this thought has occurred to our friend, Rick Stevens, as well.

Needless to say (although I’m saying it anyway,) his take on this subject is somewhat altered…


Of course, the observations don’t end there…


As we head into the week and the scary prospect of one remaining Presidential debate, please know that your visit is appreciated!

Thanks also to Rick Stevens, whose “Diesel Sweeties” comic strip is highly unique and spot on when it comes to people, cats, robots and contemporary social phenomena.

I know he welcomes visitors at his own website, http://www.dieselsweeties.com , where T-shirts, pins and stickers are also available.

A reminder that if you need any basic information about registering and/or voting anywhere in the United States, the new little widget at the bottom right corner of this page will provide helpful information.

The U-S General Election is now less than ONE MONTH AWAY! Don’t miss the chance to make an historic contribution to America’s future and VOTE!

Thanks a bunch for visiting and please come back again real soon!



RSDS: Red Robot Smiles, Gray Robot Ponders.


It’s certainly been a busy time on that extra-special social media platform I like to call “Life.”

There are moments in anyone’s life when it seems so awfully attractive to just discard emotions and cruise along without all that extra baggage…


But such a viewpoint is too depressing and self-defeating for most of us, so…


And with that, gentle visitor, we call it a day.

Please make it a point to keep checking back to see what’s new; your visits here are genuinely appreciated!

And if you’re in the United States and you aren’t already registered to vote, please check with your local Election Commission and see if it’s not too late to get all set up so you can cast a ballot in next month’s General Election on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.

Believe me, it’s important.

Thanks to Rick Stevens whose “Diesel Sweeties” comics could not appear here without his gracious consent.

Please have the best week possible consistent with your potential for greatness and available budget.