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Some Thoughts on Outrage

Is there anything so instantaneous as outrage?

When there’s nothing else to be done, I repost cartoons that I’ve found online.. It helps.






The past two weeks have been more than a little rough. Between the White House, Congress and Manchester, England, not to mention the current President’s “Grand Tour” of major centers of faith and Brussels as well, this has not been an easy time to be an American.

Of course, expecting things in life to always make sense is somewhat irrational, which can lead to outraged responses as easily as not.


I humbly thank the folks who come to to visit this blog.

My gratitude also to the many artists whose talents help make up the lion’s share of these posts.

Please help elevate and calm my spirits by clicking on the “like,” “share” or “comment” buttons below. I promise to strive to be less outraged!

Annnnnnd I’m out…


Waiting for St. Patrick…

…Or someone like him.

First, I find the springtime holidays confusing.

What exactly does it mean if a leprechaun awakens to see his shadow? Six more weeks of unleavened bread? A plague of rabbits and hardboiled eggs? Boston Red Sox spring training?

Somebody please help me out here…



Social media, which was going to revolutionize EVERYTHING, has totally failed to do anything of the sort, thereby joining the Information Superhighway, Dolby 5.1 sound systems and the 3D HDTV on the scrap heap of recent history..


Tempting though it may be, I refuse to write what I know. It’s too depressing. Besides, every time I think I know something, it turns out I don’t. And I refuse to acknowledge so much as one more existential crisis after the most recent general election…


For those with too much time on their hands, have you noticed how it looks as though Kellyanne Conway has practically fallen off the face of the Earth in just the past two weeks? Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of game, there, K.C.!

Wrap it up already! Want to know the secret to successful blogging? KISS! (Keep It Simple, Sweetie!) You know, short, like a career in the office of #POTUS # 45.

Thank you! Please come back again soon!

The snakes are still around!

We’re workin’ on it!

RSDS: Back to the Present

Hello! There’s nothing so challenging as maintaining a sense of normality in the face of great anxiety and uncertainty.

As America prepares to follow Alice down the rabbit hole, let us contemplate something – anything – other than that.

That’s your cue, Jen Sorensen!…

So we drone along into the next great advance of technology… Or is it spirituality?  Or is it something else altogether?  As is usually the case, we turn to Rick Stevens’ gang at “Diesel Sweeties” to sort it out for us…


Another of Rick Stevens’ spawn, the Red Robot, proves to be a most sanguine philosopher…


Well, tomorrow’s the day the American Experiment sets out on a completely new course into uncharted waters…or not.

Let us pray that the LORD will see fit to keep a hedge of protection around this nation and rebuke the devourer.


I thank you for your visit and respectfully remind you that the “like,” “share”, ” re-blog” and “comment” buttons below are there for you to use at your discretion.

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God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Tell Mother the Geese Are Flying

It only took a decade, but now I’m on Twitter.  I created my account just a few days ago and I still don’t believe I’ve done it.  When the now-famous social networking platform was launched, I must admit I doubted its utility and was skeptical of its future.  That was almost 10 years ago.

How times have changed!

Nowadays, if you’re going to meet people, find a job, communicate with your nearest and dearest, or just network your way across that other social media platform we like to call “Life,” you had better tweet if you know what’s good for you.

twitter bird holds follow me sign

A Twitter account is coming to embrace the commonality of those other staples of individual validity: the Social Security number and the Driver’s License.

By the time I reached college, having an SS # was not even an option.  If you wanted to find your posted test scores, if you wanted to carry a Student ID card, whatever it was, your SS # was the handle by which your file would be fished out of the primordial ocean you shared with the rest of the student body.

As of this writing, the Driver’s License is still the primary form of identification most people carry.  Even non-drivers either acquire one or its officially-sanctioned substitute, the state-issued photo ID Card.

I’ve even encountered Amish folk who carry such cards, although theirs lack the photos, in deference to the Amish rejection of photographic technology on the grounds that such pictures violate the Second Commandment (that’s the one that prohibits the worship of any “graven image.”)

One of the reasons I have withheld myself from the Twitterverse for so long is a deeply-rooted conviction that I have very little to say that would be of any real interest to anyone.  At least nothing that can be adequately expressed in 140 characters or less.  I tend to get long-winded when I write: that’s why I blog.

So I reached out to one of my social network contacts and asked her what I should tweet..

Her advice was perfectly sensible:  I should tweet about anything, anything at all, but most realistically I should tweet about subjects that I know and love.  In other words, whatever I want is fair game.

twitter logo

And, apparently, so am I.

You see, there exists no shortage of people and corporations who desire nothing more than my undivided attention in order to promote themselves, their products and agendas via tweets.  Most people are aware that pop music stars tweet all the time.  Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga are merely the most widely known of these folks promoting their brands by this most automatic and seemingly-intimate medium.

Almost every major business corporation tweets to loyal and prospective customers regularly.  McDonalds, Nike, Holiday Inn and all major film studio and broadcast networks employ a virtual battalion of people whose job it is to always keep their employers names and products front and center before the likely customer’s eyes.

The Audience Is Watching

So here I am.

But all is not sweetness and light in the land of Twitter.

All sorts of folks will be able to read what I write: friends, family, co-workers and potential employers, just to name a few.

This means my tweets could be used against me at some future date.

The mass media are rife with stories about people whose tweets have come back to haunt them, even after the offending passage in question has been deleted.  Just ask the NSA or anybody else who may conduct a sufficiently thorough background check.

Gee, nobody mentioned that to me, at least not in so many words of 140 characters or less.

So please feel free to view, follow, re-tweet or what-have-you, just please remember: if anything I’ve written offends you, I stoutly maintain I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

Unless, of course, you like it, in which case I do.

Geese Flying Above Clouds

You are welcome to follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JayPochapin

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We May Be Getting Dumber Much Faster Than We Think

We May Be Getting Dumber Much Faster Than We Think.

Yeah?..  And?..

The link above will take you to the post at Big Think.

Big Think is a think tank.  It would seem they’re betting that the premise of this article is true.  I am not quite prepared to throw in the towel so easily.  It’s one of the reasons why I’ve started this blog.

In my humble opinion, self-expression is a by product of intellect.

I originally resisted blogging because I imagined people like Matt Drudge were typical of the phenomenon.  Or the stereotypical “thought leaders” anointed by American west coast talent zookeepers like LinkedIn.  

But as I have been “liked” and “followed” by people online, I have noticed a trend: the Matt Drudge types seem to be in the minority, and as I read more and more, I am struck by the tremendous amount of genuine creativity and thinking that is taking place in this online society.

That’s not to say that you can’t find some folks who make you wonder.  

But it is quickly apparent there are people speaking, writing and posting here because they are not getting the kind of material, the kind of “thought commodity,” that they want in the mainstream, so they’ve come here to generate and offer some of it to each other.

Are there exceptions?  Of course there are.  There always have been.  There always will be.  

Nevertheless, the article has its merits, if only to kick start a little more of that precious “thought commodity.”

Incidentally, just in case no one else has laid claim to it, I hereby claim the phrase “thought commodity” as my own original creation.  You’re all witnesses.  It’s just the kind of high-falutin’ phrase the thought leaders on LinkedIn would embrace.  

After all, anybody can offer the product of their thoughts, their thinking, to you.

But only I, gentle reader, have distilled the ambrosia of my thoughts into the rarefied and exalted form of, of … “thought commodity.”

Or, as it may eventually be texted back and forth among the intellectual glitterati, “TC.”

Man, I’m good!…

Just not good and stupid.