A Charlie Brown Chanukah

Latke Time! (Part 2)

Okay, kids, here we go again!

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Hanukkah Santa

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Jewish Bell Ringer

Please be sure to scroll down the page and view (or click on the link to view, depending on how you arrived here) a blog post from my friend and fellow blogger, Austin Hodges, concerning a mutual effort and discussion of potentially pooling resources between Santa Claus and Hanukkah Harry (sometimes also known as Herschel the Hanukkah Goblin, Manny Menorah or Sammy Shamas.)
The way the man writes makes me wish I had that kind of talent!…
I don’t re-blog very often, but AH’s “Return of the Modern Philosopher” is something special…

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I sincerely hope you enjoy each and every one of these!  Just remember, these images are to be enjoyed privately and they are in fact the property of each of their respective copyright holders.  
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Hanukkah Harry

Hanukkah Harry Talks About Riding Along With Santa; Hints At Getting His Own Sleigh


A talented fellow writes lovingly and humorously about a subject which was actually the subject of considerable discussion back in the neighborhood in which I grew up.
Click, enjoy and laugh; the following post goes equally well with eggnog or latkes!

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:

Hanukkah HarryAs I broke on this blog earlier in the week, Hanukkah Harry rode along with Santa Claus this year as Flying Monkeys provided a security escort.   Santa and his entourage arrived home without incident, and his co-pilot called this Modern Philosopher to talk about his wild night.

“Austin, I’ve never had such a time,” Harry yelled excitedly into the phone.  “Oh what fun it was to ride in a reindeer guided sleigh.  But speaking of the reindeer…they do stink.  There are no words to describe the stench.  That was the one draw back to it all.  That and the fact that it gets so cold.”

The North Pole Security Agency received “highly credible intel” (Read Here!) about a threat against Santa Claus, so tensions were high as the sleigh made its way around the world.  Was Harry at all scared for his life?

“My stomach was in…

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, December 7th, 2014

Here are a couple of links to articles published in my former hometown newspaper on the 73rd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii…  One of them touches directly on the anniversary of that fateful event…  The others don’t…
Here’s the first one: 
The next story considers how Google (yes, that Google,) is transforming what once was a rather down-on-its-heels corner of the city’s East End, the neighborhood of East Liberty.  I once worked there and lived within short walking distance:  
Lastly, here’s a link to an article that relates one restaurateur’s effort to establish a beachhead in a suburban combat zone which — coincidentally — happens also to have been the likely site of one of my own earliest professional forays into Radio Broadcasting almost 40 years ago.  The place used to house Matta Broadcasting and the studios of WFFM and WLOA, once the employers of such talents as George Peppard (yes, that one!), Jack Bailey, Jeff Henderson … and (ahem) Jay Pochapin:  
Every effort is made to provide the above links without error.  In some instances, however, you may need to copy and paste them into your browser’s address bar.
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Top 10 Inappropriate Candy Names


Who can’t use a little humor at this season of the year?
My thanks to fellow blogger “Rachel Being Chatty” for compiling and publishing this original article!  
Well worth clicking through for!

Originally posted on Rachel Being Chatty:


Take your PC hat off, because here we go.

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Festival of Lights (Part 1)

I’ve found a few more cartoons!
Sometimes, I find it more entertaining to search out these drawings than to sit down and compose a short essay.  
Also, sometimes it’s way easier.  
Way easier…  
Besides, I’m doing a lot of running around these days and time is scarce.  It isn’t easy to find a way to sit and contemplate the nature of existence when you’re busy actually existing.  
As better observers than I myself have already noted, sometimes we’re all so busy existing we have little chance to give what we’re actually doing any thought…
But these folks have!  Let’s see what they have to offer!

hanukkah hybrid

Hanukkah Oil Price Shock

spell hanukkah types


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I sincerely hope you enjoy each and every one of these!  Just remember, these images are to be enjoyed privately and they are in fact the property of each of their respective copyright holders.  
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Remember, the attorneys are watching!…
There will be more to come very soon.  Now quit touching your little brother’s latkes and eat your applesauce or else all any of you will end up with is a handful of raisins and some chocolate coins!  
Don’t make me come back there … because I WILL turn this festival right around!
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I Appreciate You

I’m tremendously happy to report that in November this blog drew its second-best number of views ever in its 18-month existence, topped only by its initial 30 days back in May of 2013.
As Thanksgiving recedes into memory and the December holidays loom before us, please know that I am immensely grateful for every view, every comment, every “like” and every “follow”.  
The LORD has blessed me with your support.  I do my best to never forget that.
Your feedback, both positive and negative, is welcome, as well as suggestions for potential future postings.  
Speaking of which, please stand by for at least one new post within the next few days.
Please accept my thanks and…
All best wishes of the season(s),

Jay    Jay Pochapin cropped headshot 092914

Jay Pochapin cropped headshot 092914

Breaking News! Blogger Updates Avatar!

No longer restricted to a black and white image from the Clinton Administration, this new avatar shows blogger Jay Pochapin in September of 2014: tanned, rested, thinner, smiling, more confident, more engaging, and growing his forehead taller than previously widely known or shown.
Hey, Kim Kardashian’s not the only one who can break the Internet!…

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