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Marching Along to a Demented Drummer

The last several days have seen a bounty of great art surface…

Let’s begin with Scott Bateman:


Sometimes all you need is one great rendering:


The situation is certainly not lost on Rick Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties”:


Joey Allison Sayers decides to deliver a rendition that touches on at least one additional topic:

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February Post, version 2.0

First, thanks to everybody who took the time to reach out to me during my birthday. It was greatly appreciated.

Now, let’s get down to business!..

This time out, we bring you new art from Tom Tomorrow, Rick Stevens and Matt Lubchansky…


Next, let’s visit with Uncle Rick…



Matt Lubchansky shows us how a favorite presidential claim about the opposition plays out in Real Life…

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A Little Balance

Look, I’ll be the first to admit, my more recent posts have been a little, shall we say, one-sided?  

But let’s be honest here, most of the remarkable stuff on the current political scene has been coming from the Conservative side of the aisle; mostly from the Republicans.

Yet liberals can certainly indulge in their own share of goofiness.  Tom Tomorrow recognizes this and has finally chosen to put the Democrats in the crosshairs this week.

TMW2016-04-13 Liberals Are So Naive

As for those who may be growing tired of political cartoons, please rest assured your humble servant and blogger has taken steps to rectify this.

I’ve laid my hands on at least one good book and a couple of films.  I hope to resume sharing Book and Movie Reviews with you in the near future.

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